Your Virginia Beach Dentist Covers: 3 Things A Filling Promotes

Your initial instinct when you learn that you need a dental filling might not be to jump for joy with reckless abandon. Our Virginia Beach, VA team, of course, understands that you’d rather hear your smile is in perfect health. However, with that said, we remind you that when you follow through on any required restorative care, what you’re doing is promoting a smile that’s healthy and safe. So, how to feel more serious about setting up that filling and coming in to restore your grin, you wonder? Your Virginia Beach dentist can help by highlighting the good things you’ll bring to smile by coming in for care!

#1: A Healthy Smile

You may forget that one of the main goals of a dental filling is to get your smile back into optimal oral health. A filling, of course, is a restoration (or, work provided within the field of restorative dental care). This means that its goal is to treat a problem (tooth decay) that’s causing your smile to be less than healthy. Once it is placed, after we have thoroughly removed the decaying tissue, your tooth is whole. It’s healthy. Once your tooth is healthy, assuming you have no other smile problems, your oral health is then back in wonderful condition!

#2: A More Consistent Looking Smile

When you receive a dental filling with your Virginia Beach dentist, you can feel relieved about the way your smile looks. We know that you might assume your tooth will appear dark or that your filling will look obvious. However, we remind you that when you see us for restorative care, we ensure the results are esthetically beautiful. Our fillings are made from composite (the color of which we customize, so it matches your tooth). As a result, once it is placed, your filling benefits your smile by promoting a more consistent, healthy finish.

#3: A Less Temperature Sensitive Smile

A tooth with an opening in it, due to a cavity, is sensitive to lots of things, including extremes in temperature. A tooth with a metal filling in it is also sensitive to temperature because metal is a thermal conductor. However, once a composite filling is placed by your Virginia Beach dentist, this issue goes away. Your nerves are sealed once more and composite is a poor thermal conductor!

Protect Your Oral Health With A Filling

Remember to follow through on any restorative dental care you might need by visiting our team, as we repair problems and get your oral health back on track. Address decay with a filling ASAP for improvement! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.