Your Virginia Beach Dentist Highlights: TMD Signs! 

You have heard about the obvious TMD signs. You know, that your jaw pops, that your jaw feels not-so-wonderful, and that you have headaches. However, unless you’re already looking for TMJ disorder or have been diagnosed, then these things may not be obvious to you. Instead, our Virginia Beach, VA team realizes that what may become more apparent may include changes in your daily experience that truly stand out. Curious about what these might be, so you can realize what they are if they impact your smile? Your Virginia Beach dentist has some examples of TMD signs that you shouldn’t overlook!

Opening Your Mouth To Floss Is Uncomfortable

When you brush your teeth, you may not have to open very wide and, as a result, may not notice any issues. However, what happens as you open your mouth to floss during dental hygiene, reaching way into the back of your smile to complete a thorough job? Do you find that your TMJs lock up a bit or that they feel very sore as you try to open a bit wider? If the answer is yes, then this may be a sign that you require TMD treatment. Allow your Virginia Beach dentist to check in on this matter by coming in for a visit and any required treatment.

Biting Into Food Causes Jaw Pain

This is one of those symptoms that can cause confusion! When you bite into food, of course, it should feel perfectly fine. However, when you bite into something and there’s immediate pain, you know something is wrong. Sometimes, you’ll be able to detect that it’s your TMJs. In other cases, you may experience discomfort but you will have a hard time detecting the location of the pain, as you wonder whether you have TMD, a cavity, or otherwise! Of course, whatever it is, it requires you to make a trip in to see your Virginia Beach dentist for answers and for improvement.

You Can’t Get Comfortable In Bed

How do you feel when you get into bed at night? Are you mostly comfortable except for the fact that you have neck pain? Maybe your jaws feel tired or sore. Perhaps you find that you’re dealing with a lot of discomfort in your shoulders and up. Remember that this type of problem may point to a TMJ disorder concern, as the discomfort from your jaw joints is known to radiate to nearby locations. Come in for a visit soon!

Tell Us When TMD Symptoms Occur

Make a call to our practice when you are dealing with TMJ disorder or when you have a suspicion that it’s impacting your oral health, rather than ignoring symptoms. Treat the problem with us for immediate protection! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients from Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.