Your Virginia Beach Restorative Dentist Explains: How Crowns Can Help

Did you know that dental crowns are actually tiny superstars that can provide your smile with an exceptional amount of advantages? Did you realize that they can perform not just one single function but may help restore your smile in a wide variety of ways (and are sometimes simply there to help when your smile really needs help looking better)? If you are answering “no” to any of these questions, then it is certainly time to buckle down with our Virginia Beach, VA team and increase your knowledge of this treatment solution. Fortunately, your Virginia Beach restorative dentist is here to help.

By Supporting A Bridge

To begin, your Virginia Beach restorative dentist reminds you that dental crown can often provide you with a healthier smile in ways that you tend to overlook. For instance, a dental bridge will help replace up to three missing teeth in a row and is bonded in place over remaining teeth. How is this accomplished, you ask? With the help of crowns! On either end of this prosthetic device is a dental crown, which will be placed permanently over remaining natural teeth that sit on either side of the opening in your smile.

By Fully Restoring A Damaged Tooth

Now, let’s talk about how individual dental crowns can benefit individual teeth. Your Virginia Beach restorative dentist explains that when you have a damaged tooth, whether it’s cracked, broken, or severely decayed, but it’s not requiring an extraction, it needs to be restored. Severe damage calls for more than a filling, so a crown is often the required treatment. Since a crown provides full coverage and structure, you may keep your tooth (which is beneficial for your oral health), while fully regaining structure, as a crown is placed!

By Offering Serious Cosmetic Improvement

Great news! Not only do dental crowns provide absolute and comprehensive improvement to a damaged tooth but they also offer beautiful results in a cosmetic way, as well. Remember, these aren’t metal crowns that you are going to receive. Instead, your Virginia Beach restorative dentist reminds you that you’ll receive a beautiful, lifelike dental crown crafted from color-matched material. So, if your tooth is seriously damaged, you can look forward to restored oral health and beautiful results. Or, if you’re simply experiencing cosmetic damage that requires more than veneers can offer, crowns will work in this case, as well!

Consider Crown Benefits Today

Come in for the restorative care your smile requires from your Virginia Beach restorative dentist! Set up time to learn more about how a dental crown may provide you with the comprehensive improvement you need! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.