Bruxism: Symptoms That Don’t Have To Get Worse

Your Virginia Beach dentist knows that when you’re dealing with any type of symptom, there’s often a back-and-forth that goes on in your head. On one hand, you figure that you should call up our Virginia Beach, VA team, come in for a checkup, and talk with us about what’s going on. Then, on the other hand, you may not know why you’re experiencing symptoms or really how to describe them, so you feel a bit strange seeing us for a visit. Situations like this often stem from bruxism disorder, which is something we can treat! Find out more regarding symptoms that don’t have to get worse.

Headaches And Local Pain

We know that when you’re dealing with bruxism disorder, it can become uncomfortable. You may not initially realize where the pain is coming from but remember that grinding and clenching on a chronic level can become quite aggravating. It may cause strained jaw joints and sensitive teeth, so headaches, pain in your teeth, tenderness, and even facial pain are all commonly associated with this concern. Fortunately, when you come in to describe what you’re experiencing with us during a checkup, your Virginia Beach dentist can identify the issue!

Chipped Or Worn Teeth

The good news about this type of damage is that we can stop it from happening, once your Virginia Beach dentist diagnoses you with bruxism disorder and provides you with information about relief. Not only will bruxism treatment be of tremendous support but we can also point out possible lifestyle changes you can make for improvement. The erosion and chipping can cease. We will then offer dental bonding for any damage that has occurred!

Chewed, Uncomfortable Soft Tissue

If you’re grinding or clenching, particularly if you do so while you sleep, you may end up with some chewed soft tissue, such as a chewed inner cheek, chewed tissue along the side of your tongue, etc. This can become uncomfortable and feel strange. To avoid allowing this to go on and become worse, remember that you simply need to treat your bruxism with your Virginia Beach dentist!

We Offer Bruxism Treatment!

As mentioned, we offer the dental care that you need in order to ensure your bruxism disorder does not continue on! See us for bruxism treatment for relief from your ongoing symptoms!

Treat Bruxism For Quick Relief

Enjoy the relief that comes with bruxism treatment, when you recognize that you no longer have to deal with a variety of daily types of discomfort. Come in soon to find out more regarding how we can help. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.