Discreet Dental Care With Your Virginia Beach Dentist

You may assume that regardless of what it is you want for your smile, once you’ve followed through on receiving treatment, everyone’s going to know. There’s just something about dental care that leads you to believe that any action or course of change is going to be something that everyone can easily see and recognize or that results will look artificial! While we can most definitely understand where you’re coming from and know that this may have been a factor in the past (or with other practices), this is certainly not the case with our Virginia Beach, VA practice! Learn all about the discreet care you can receive from your Virginia Beach dentist for helpful clarity.

Clear Aligners

There are few things that seem more obvious about dental care than a mouthful of metal braces. This, of course, is one of the reasons your Virginia Beach dentist provides patients with the option to receive clear aligners through Invisalign treatment, instead of brackets and wires! Remember that not only are the trays discreet in that they are clear and difficult for others to see but also in the fact that you may remove them for up to four hours a day! This makes mealtime something you no longer have to stress about.

Composite Fillings

Have you ever felt worried about coming in for a cavity not because you don’t want to learn that you have tooth decay or because you feel uneasy about restorative care … but because you really don’t want a gray tooth as the result of a metal fillings? Again, your Virginia Beach dentist wants to feel certain you can maintain the natural beauty of your smile without compromising your ability to maintain your oral health. Welcome to the world of tooth-colored fillings that will blend right in!

Lifelike Crowns

Along the same lines of thinking, we know that you may have some ideas about dental crown (like that they’re obvious looking, made of metal, artificial looking, or leave a line at your gumline). However, your Virginia Beach dentist does not practice this type of restorative dental care. Instead, you can expect fully customized, beautiful results due to lifelike crowns crafted from material like porcelain that mimics your own dental tissue!

Enjoy Discreet Dental Care

Come in for any type of dental care you want or need for your smile, as you look forward to barely visible braces, undetectable improvements, and an overall beautiful, healthy smile you feel proud to call your own. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.