Head Pain: What’s Going On And Can My Virginia Beach Dentist Help?

When you have any sort of head pain, you immediately assume it’s time to head to your general practitioner! Of course, this is always a wise choice. With that said, did you know that a trip to see your Virginia Beach dentist is a smart decision, as well? Though you may be able to minimize your discomfort with pain relievers for a little while, our Virginia Beach, VA team reminds you that you it’s very important to get to the root cause of your pain, so you can actually implement changes that address the reason you’re getting headaches. That way, they can go away, rather than remaining something you need to manage. Learn more about the dental connection!

It May Be Bruxism Or TMJ Related

When you find that headaches become a regular part of your day, as mentioned, you don’t want to let that head pain become something you expect and then, something you consider to be “normal.” Instead, it’s time to come in to see us about your smile to find out if your discomfort is related to your oral health and if treatment will help. Remember the following: If you are putting immense pressure on your jaw joints with bruxism, if you’re exhausting them with bruxism, or if your jaw joints are already functioning below their highest capacity (TMJ disorder), then this may be your issue. Such functional disorders frequently bring forth headaches as symptoms. Talk with your Virginia Beach dentist soon, so you can get going with treatment, as you wave goodbye to pain.

Sinus Congestion And Dental Pain, Anyone?

We know that this is one of those things you may completely overlook until someone mentions it to you! At first, you may feel as though something is terribly wrong, as you deal not only with headaches but also what feels like serious pressure on your upper teeth and possibly in your face. The good news is that this may simply be due to very treatable congestion, which inflames sinuses and applies pressure to your smile (which then radiates and causes head pain). Treat your allergies, cold, or otherwise! In the meantime, allow your Virginia Beach dentist to ensure you don’t have any cavities that this pressure is aggravating.

Watch Out For Sleep Apnea!

If you have even the slightest guess that sleep apnea is impacting you, remember to see us about treatment. Morning headaches are common and let you know, it’s time to schedule a visit!

Address Head Pain With A Checkup

Tell us when you find that you are dealing with frequent headaches, so you can figure out why they are happening and how to fix them! See your Virginia Beach dentist for a checkup to learn more! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.