Less Expected Reasons You Miss Your Nightly Dental Hygiene

Some of the reasons you’re missing your nightly dental hygiene session may not necessarily follow the usual, logically expected path toward an un-brushed and un-flossed smile. The usual culprits, of course, have to do with feeling too sleepy or forgetting. Or, plainly and simply: Some of our Virginia Beach, VA patients express the fact that they just don’t feel like it. We understand, though we still remind you that it’s completely essential! So, what types of not-so-expected issues might be getting in your way of brushing and flossing and how can you get over these obstacles? Your Virginia Beach dentist is here to help you figure that out (don’t worry, it’s easy)!

You Don’t Expect To Fall Asleep

It’s not that you’re intentionally allowing yourself to fall asleep before you follow through with your dental hygiene. It’s the fact that you’re awake and you’re actually doing something like watching television, playing a game on your phone, or something else that becomes slightly meditative and you accidentally end up snoozing. This doesn’t bode well for your oral health, of course. So, what to do, when you are enjoying your evenings? A couple of options are suggested to you by your Virginia Beach dentist: Either set an alarm as a reminder, so you brush and floss before officially sleeping. Or, take care of all end-of-day stuff (smile care included) before you snuggle up with your evening hobby.

You Cannot Stand Your Products

We know that some toothbrushes can feel too big or too small. Some toothpastes and flosses taste much better than others, etc. So, if you’re doing everything you can to just quickly brush in the morning and then avoid your nightly routine because you really don’t like your products, your Virginia Beach dentist says: Change them right away and get back to twice daily care.

Nothing Bad Has Happened Yet!

Are you going to sleep without brushing and flossing and waking up in the morning, absolutely shocked that your teeth look and feel like they did before? If so, you may find yourself guessing that it’s actually okay to just brush once a day. You may even guess that flossing isn’t such a big deal after all. However, what you aren’t realizing is that this neglect will catch up with you. You won’t see damage, cavities, gingivitis, or other problems immediately. Instead, the consequences of lax dental hygiene will show up down the road. So, your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you to get right back on track immediately to avoid the need for restorative care in the future.

Remember Your Twice-Daily Dental Care

Come to us for guidance and advice if you realize you’re skipping any aspect of your dental care, even though you are thoroughly aware of its significance. Let us help you get your dental hygiene on track! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.