No More Guesses: See Your Dentist For That TMJ Issue!

You find yourself feeling compelled to try to fix, address, improve, and avoid your TMJ disorder. In fact, you may not have actually received a diagnosis from our Virginia Beach, VA team just yet about your TMJs but you’re fairly sure that given your current set of symptoms, it’s probably going to turn out that you require TMJ treatment. However, you think to yourself, you can do this on your own! To that we offer you this important reminder: The moment you have this thought, it’s time to see your Virginia Beach dentist ASAP! Consider examples.

You Think: I’ll Just Stretch Out My Jaw Joints

Your Virginia Beach dentist knows that when you deal with tightness in your jaw joints or some discomfort, you may think that the best thing to do is to try to stretch them out. It’s understandable! However, unlike stretching your leg or arm muscles, etc., this can actually have a negative impact on your oral health and your TMJ health. When TMJ disorder is occurring, stretching too wide or too much (or making wrong motions) can lead to further aggravation. See us instead, so we can direct you!

You Think: It’s Probably A Jaw Issue And I’m Fine

You may think to yourself that you’re probably just experiencing some jaw discomfort and that it’s probably nothing to worry about. You may even assume that there’s no treatment for TMJ disorder but there is! When you notice new sensations or sounds or any other symptom, come in to see your Virginia Beach dentist. The sooner you do, the easier it is for us to treat your jaw joints and offer relief.

You Think: I’ll Try An OTC Mouthguard

We know that you may guess it’s best to just head to the drugstore to pick up your own over-the-counter oral appliance. However, it’s not. It’s better to see your Virginia Beach dentist first to ensure that it’s TMJ disorder and next, to ensure you receive the customized appliance you need that will fit, help your TMJ health, and not make matters worse!

You Think: Medicine Is Working, So It’s Solved!

If you’re taking pain relievers for your jaw joints and you feel better when you do so, you may guess that you’re healing your TMJs. However, you’re not. You’re just masking the discomfort, while the damage continues. See us soon for true improvement!

Schedule TMJ Time With Our Team

Set up a dental checkup with us, whether you think you may have TMJ disorder and require a diagnosis or if you already know and you are aware that you need treatment. See us soon to protect your jaw joints! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.