Your Virginia Beach Dentist Says: Don’t Eat Ice! 

Some of our patients really love eating ice. Or snacking on a cup of crushed ice. Or chomping through ice cubes at the end of a chilly beverage. We understand how this might be an enjoyable experience that’s just as refreshing in its coolness as it is refreshingly free of fat, calories, sugar, and more! However, with that said, our Virginia Beach, VA team wants you to consider that choosing to avoid eating ice is actually a very wise choice for your oral health. Think through some enlightening reasons behind this recommendation from your Virginia Beach dentist!

It Can Destroy Your Teeth In Instant

This may come as no surprise to you but may instead be something you just try to ignore. However, it is very much the case that if you bite into a piece of ice and it doesn’t crack or you bite into it at just a particular angle, you can break your tooth. This can happen to healthy teeth and it can happen to unhealthy teeth. Of course, dealing with a broken tooth is something we can treat but it is no small dilemma (and in the case of eating ice, it’s completely avoidable!). Skip this and opt, instead, for an easier-on-the-smile snack.

It Can Damage Them Over Time

We remind you that while you may have gotten away without broken teeth thus far, that does not mean ice is not damaging your oral health in other ways. In fact, it may be taking place but you may not recognize the change yet. Keep in mind that when you chew extremely resistant, hard food (or ice) on a consistent basis, you are slowly eroding or wearing down the enamel of your teeth. This is a protective layer that you want to keep as intact as possible! Worn enamel makes way for weak teeth, decay, sensitivity, and more.

It Can Promote Jaw Joint Problems

Not only are you asking quite a lot of your teeth when you eat ice but you are also asking a ton of your jaw joints. They are the structures putting forth all of the effort to chew through something that’s too hard for your smile. In addition to knowing your future holds dental damage, don’t forget that you are likely tiring out and potentially straining or damaging your TMJs (or jaw joints) in the process. Avoid TMJ disorder and the side effects that come with it by deciding to place the ice aside for something that’s easier to chew.

Consider Helpful Facts From Our Team

Visit us for your routine dental checkups or additional visits when you require further care, so we may help you! Always remember to follow serious suggestions that we relay, so your teeth remain very safe. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.