Your Virginia Beach Dentist Suggests: Heed These Red Flags! 

Sometimes, you may find that you aren’t sure if a change is a good sign, a neutral sign, or an obviously bad sign in reference to what’s going on with your oral health. However, there are also those instances in which you know right away that the sensation you’re experiencing is a major red flag. So, our Virginia Beach, VA team asks you: What do you do when these moments show up in your life? Do you call your Virginia Beach dentist immediately to schedule a checkup? Remember: Seeing us right away about these changes is always your best bet. Allow some examples to help you see why.

Sudden Or Increasing Pain

Your Virginia Beach dentist reminds you that when you deal with pain that suddenly shows up or you have pain that continues to hang around (which may be getting worse), this is a major red flag. Generally speaking, discomfort means that something is wrong with your oral health. However, this is no need to panic! Instead, it just means that you should come in to see us, so we can quickly offer any care you may require, whether it’s a filling for a cavity, therapy for TMJ concerns, or anything else!

Bad Breath That Stays

Another red flag that you might want to ignore but that ends up being quite obvious? Bad breath. You will likely do what many patients do, which is to try to make it go away. If it does go away (and you’re not simply covering it up with minty fresh rinse or gum), then it was probably the result of something you’ve been eating! However, when it seems to be here to stay, then it’s time to see your Virginia Beach dentist. A foul smell can mean hygiene-related damage like a cavity or simply that you need to get caught up with home care and professional care, too!

The Sense That Your Teeth Have Moved

When you feel as though your teeth are loose or that they have shifted, this is your big red flag to contact your Virginia Beach dentist. It may point to a variety of things, one of which is commonly an issue with your periodontal health. As always, the sooner you see us, the easier it is to stop a problem, prevent serious damage, and return your tissues to optimal health.

See Your Dentist For Red Flags

Call us the moment something shifts with your oral health and you recognize the change, so we may see you as soon as possible. Remember that addressing red flags, rather than ignoring them, safeguards your smile! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.