Share A Bathroom? Don’t Share Your Winter Ailment, Too! 

If you’re someone who shares a bathroom, then this space is likely occupied by more than one toothbrush (that is, assuming you remember that you should absolutely, without a doubt, never ever share a toothbrush with anyone). Good, now that our Virginia Beach, VA team has that covered, we remind you that as the winter season approaches and cold-season ailments like the common cold are on the rise, you may want a bit of our help to avoid sharing that less than desirable ailment of yours. Ready for some simple tips? Your Virginia Beach dentist can easily guide you through some helpful bathroom etiquette to consider (and more)!

Get That Flu Shot Already

Nope. We aren’t telling you whether or not you should get a flu shot. However, if you’re a patient who takes your annual vaccination very seriously, then we simply have a reminder for you! Well, it’s a couple of reminders. Your Virginia Beach dentist encourages you to remember that it’s about time to head to your doctor or pharmacist. Your second reminder? It’s not time only because it’s flu season but also because it takes a couple of weeks for it to work fully, so don’t hesitate if you take this seriously. This helps you avoid spreading the illness, whether in the bathroom, out in public, etc.!

Use Separate Towels

If you practice dental care in the same bathroom as a roommate, loved one, etc., then you may not think twice about drying your hands on the same hand towel. This is usually not a huge deal. However, if you’ve got the flu, you brush your teeth, you end up with saliva on your hand, and you use the towel (followed by your spouse using your towel), there’s a good chance you’re going to share those influenza germs. Dedicate your own set of towels to each person using the space until the illness has left the building!

Other Stuff? Temporarily Stop Sharing It, Too

It’s very common to hear that patients share the same container of dental floss, that a couple uses just one tube of toothpaste between the two of them, etc. While we always remind you to use your own toothbrush, you may wonder: Does my Virginia Beach dentist suggest keeping all dental hygiene items separate? Well, during cold and flu season, the answer is yes. It’s simply one more way to limit the spread of germs!

Keep Your Dental Hygiene To Yourself

Remember that when you’re practicing dental hygiene in a shared bathroom to remain on high alert, when cold and flu season arrive! Avoid sharing your cold or flu or receiving it by keeping things extra clean! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.