Your Virginia Beach Dentist Asks: How Clean Is Your Smile?

Your Virginia Beach dentist generally has lots of questions for you, when you come in for your dental checkup! You’re familiar with them, of course. They’ll include things like, how are you, do you have any questions, does everything feel okay? What you might not see coming, however, is the following question: How clean is your smile? This might come as quite a curveball and you may even find that you’re not completely sure about the answer. Hopefully, you correctly guess that it’s very clean. As for how to know (or, if necessary, how to get your grin even cleaner), our Virginia Beach, VA team is here to help with additional, information-revealing questions!

Does It Feel Clean?

Our first question for you, as we determine the cleanliness level of your smile, is does your smile feel clean? You will probably be able to answer this question quite quickly. When your smile feels good and clean, you are usually very aware of it. When it doesn’t, you’re equally aware (and likely concerned). So, begin by asking yourself if you think your teeth feel smooth and clean or if maybe they’re a bit grimy and could use better cleansing. Don’t worry about answering correctly or incorrectly! No matter what, your Virginia Beach dentist can get a good idea of how your dental hygiene is going during your next visit and can certainly help!

Are You Brushing Correctly?

This is a very easy question to answer and speaks volumes about how clean your smile is. If you are brushing two times day, in the morning time and again within the evening, and every time you brush, it’s with a soft-bristle brush, and it takes two minutes, then you’re on track. Of course, you should also be brushing every bit of your smile that you can access with your toothbrush. This means that your smile is probably fairly clean! That is, assuming you’re also completing the rest of your smile care, reminds your Virginia Beach dentist!

Are You Flossing Daily, Too?

Flossing is essential, too! If you’re skipping it, you can probably feel that your teeth aren’t super slick and clean feeling (due to buildup between teeth and at your gumline). If you’re brushing as directed and flossing once a day, then your smile is likely quite clean and, as a result, pretty healthy! Well, but there’s just one more thing…

When Was Your Last Professional Cleaning?

If you’re scheduling twice-a-year visits with your Virginia Beach dentist, too, then you’ve got the cleanest smile around!

Enjoy A Dental Cleaning Soon! 

Keep up with the details of scheduling and following through with receiving dental cleanings from our team! Just get in touch with us, see our team for a visit every six months, and you’re on track! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.