Enjoy Smile-Friendly Dental Treatment For Your Cavity

While it is true that a cavity causes irreversible harm to your tooth structure, decay does not have to cause a permanent change to your smile! When your Virginia Beach dentist provides treatment for a cavity, you can look forward to results that preserve the appearance of your natural tooth. This is because our practice relies on modern dental fillings and dental crowns that mimic the look of healthy enamel, while still providing necessary support. We are also prepared to help you keep your teeth in good condition after treatment by providing routine preventive care. This ongoing support can help you avoid complications from future cavities, and help you protect the overall health of your smile.

A Modern Dental Restoration Can Imitate Your Enamel

When a cavity forms, the resulting harm creates permanent damage for your tooth structure. As long as the cavity goes untreated, that harm will worsen over time – eventually, a cavity can actually cause the loss of your tooth! After putting a stop to the spread of decay and clearing away bacteria, your dentist can determine how to appropriately restore it so that you can feel comfortable smiling, and placing bite pressure on the tooth.

Arranging The Right Treatment For Your Cavity

Different degrees of tooth decay can demand different responses. If you have responded to a cavity while it is still early in its development, a dental filling can be effective at addressing the problem. A filling made from composite resin can match the color and texture of your tooth, and even bond directly to its surface to provide great support. If you need a root canal procedure, or if your tooth is just too vulnerable to address with a filling, we can recommend a dental crown. Crowns can be custom-made to provide lasting support, and their durability ensures that you can trust them to handle biting and chewing pressures.

We Can Help You Maintain Your Smile After Treatment

If you want to avoid future cavities, you should put some thought into how you can do a better job taking care of your smile. If you are not attending regular dental exams already, scheduling appointments at our Virginia Beach dentist’s office can give you access to important support on an ongoing basis. In addition to caring for your teeth by cleaning and examining them, we can help you protect yourself against decay by offering guidance on better oral care habits you can follow at home.

Talk To Absolute Dental Care About Treatment For Your Cavity

At Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, patients who are in need of oral care because of a cavity can count on us to fully treat the problem, and also provide a lasting restoration that preserves the way you look. For more information, call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, today at (757) 428-7440.