How Much Work Will It Take To Restore A Broken Tooth?

A broken tooth can pose serious problems for your oral health, and even relatively minor damage can be a big concern for your smile. Your Virginia Beach dentist understands that dental injuries can be both alarming and painful. To address the matter, we make quality restorative dental care available for injuries. After taking care of any internal issues from your injury, your tooth can be restored with a lifelike dental crown. In the event that your injury is serious enough to require a tooth extraction, you can count on our Virginia Beach, VA dental practice to provide a dependable and attractive dental prosthetic.

A Dental Injury Can Lead To An Infection

While a dental injury can be upsetting for how it visibly changes your tooth, you also need to be concerned about internal issues that can result from damage. A broken tooth faces a heightened risk for an infection that threatens to cause new complications for your oral health. By performing a root canal procedure, your dentist can make sure the problem is successfully addressed, and that the infection does not spread.

Restoring A Broken Tooth

A modern dental crown can be custom-made to restore your tooth after it has been injured. We take care to provide lifelike restorations in order to preserve your natural appearance. Once placed, your crown will be responsible for absorbing pressure from biting and chewing. With that in mind, we also take care to provide a restoration that is remarkably strong, so you can continue to enjoy comfortable dental function.

What Happens If My Tooth Can’t Be Saved?

There are some circumstances where a tooth is injured so severely that extracting it is the only treatment option available to your dentist. In the event that this happens, our practice can still help you maintain a complete smile! We can discuss the appropriate prosthetic solution after removing the unhealthy tooth. For people who want a convenient permanent solution, we can recommend a dental bridge, which is designed to stay in place thanks to a pair of dental crowns on either side of your prosthetic. You can also discuss the placement of a dental implant to hold a lifelike restoration. Dental implants are effectively put in place to act as artificial roots for replacement teeth. With your implant holding it securely to your jawbone, you can count on your prosthetic to aid you in biting and chewing.

Absolute Dental Care Is Ready To Help Patients With Dental Injuries

Absolute Dental Care is ready to help patients who experience serious dental injuries! We can make sure that the problem does not lead to infection, and we can provide the appropriate treatment to make sure you are still comfortable with your smile after your care is completed. To find out more, call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, today at (757) 428-7440.