Our Virginia Beach Dentist’s Office Can Address TMJ Issues

The symptoms of TMJ disorder can be hard to ignore, and frustrating to endure. How comfortable would you be with problems that made it difficult for you to bite, chew, or speak? How long are you willing to endure frequent headaches, neck pain, and other discomforts? Your Virginia Beach dentist is ready to put a stop to these problems, and take care of the issues affecting your jaw joints and muscles. This can often be achieved with the use of a special oral appliance that corrects problems with your jaw position. In other cases, we may recommend restorative dental work to improve your bite function and reduce your discomfort.

Can TMJ Treatment Help You Address Chronic Pain?

When a person’s jaw joints and muscles are aggravated by poor bite alignment, a past injury, or any other issue that can cause TMJ problems, several painful symptoms can occur. This is because the nerves that control your jaw also control sensation in your face, head, and neck. By treating your issues with TMJ disorder, your dentist can help you put a stop to a problem with your jaw that can cause headaches, chronic jaw pain and stiffness, and even issues with your face and neck.

Your TMJ Troubles Could Be Linked To Your Bite

Many people start to develop painful TMJ disorder because they have an unresolved issue with their bite function. Even if you are not aware something is wrong, you may be aggravating your jaw due to awkward or uneven motions. With TruDenta, your dentist is able to determine how your bite might be affecting you, and recommend corrections that provide relief.

Will I Need Dental Work To Fully Address My TMJ Disorder?

There are several issues that could be responsible for your TMJ disorder. Some people start to experience problems because they grind their teeth while they sleep. Others are no longer able to comfortably bite and chew because of poor oral health. There are even cases where orthodontic work is needed to fix bite flaws that cause pain. After evaluating your dental health, we can identify any troubles that should be corrected so you no longer have to live with TMJ-related pains.

You Can Arrange TMJ Treatment At Absolute Dental Care In Virginia Beach

TMJ treatment can help you put a stop to ongoing issues with headaches, jaw pain and stiffness, and even issues with neck and shoulder discomfort. Our Virginia Beach, VA dental office is ready to provide support by thoroughly evaluating your bite and oral health to look for why you have TMJ issues. Once problems are recognized, we can move forward with providing care to address your discomfort, and improve your quality of life. For more information, call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, today at (757) 428-7440.