Is Restorative Work Always Required When You Have A Cavity?

Is it possible to let a cavity go untreated? What is the worst that can happen when you ignore tooth decay? While you might wish you could skip restorative dental treatment, there is no way to deal with a cavity without expert dental care. Doing so can lead to more damage to your tooth, and it can even lead to additional oral health concerns. If you do require treatment for decay, you can be happy to know that your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can fully address the matter without altering your smile. This is because we use lifelike restorations that can provide a terrific match for your healthy tooth structure.

A Cavity Can Become A Serious Oral Health Threat

At first, a cavity damages your enamel – when this happens, it may not draw your attention, though the problem can be identified by your dentist during a routine dental checkup. As time passes, decay worsens and does more irreversible damage to the tooth. Eventually, you can develop an internal tooth infection, and bacteria can actually leave your tooth through its roots to create further trouble.

Arranging Restorative Dental Work For Your Tooth

While a serious cavity can require a root canal procedure, or the possible extraction of your tooth, decay can call for less involved care if the problem is caught in time. If your dentist recognizes a cavity during a routine dental exam, a dental filling can restore your enamel after infected tissues are removed. For a larger cavity, a dental crown can be used to protect your tooth. In both scenarios, we can arrange to restore your tooth in a way that preserves the natural look of your smile. As a result, you can leave treatment feeling confident in both your dental health and appearance!

Your Virginia Beach Dentist Can Help You Stay Out Of Cavity Trouble

While you can be glad to know that cavity treatment is not the end of your confident smile, you should still make preventing decay your priority! Regular dental exams and professional dental cleanings help you avoid troubles with tartar and plaque buildup that can lead to future decay. By brushing for at least two minutes twice a day, and flossing at least once per day, you can give yourself regular protection in order to escape trouble with cavities.

Absolute Dental Care Can Provide Modern Restorative Work For Your Cavity

At Absolute Dental Care, patients who are struggling with tooth decay can count on us for modern restorative dentistry. You can also rely on our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office to protect you against future threats when you come in for preventive appointments! To find out more about us, call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, today at (757) 428-7440.