Arranging Treatment For TMJ Problems And Headaches

If you are not able to bite, speak, or chew without some discomfort or stiffness, it may be time to discuss TMJ disorder with your dentist. When problems affect the health or alignment of your jaw, it can lead to problems with pain and limited movement that seriously intrude on your quality of life. You should know that the problem can create additional issues for your face and neck, and it can even be responsible for frequent headaches. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist is prepared to help you take care of problems by restoring the health and alignment of your jaw. We can also use TruDenta treatment to help you make sure issues with headaches are properly addressed.

Your Jaw Pain And Chronic Headaches May Be Related

For many people with TMJ disorder, headaches are a frequent concern. The movement of your jaw and the stress placed on your joints and muscles can contribute to ongoing headaches and migraines, which is why your dentist pays attention to the way your jaw moves. If problems are identified, therapy through TruDenta may alleviate jaw tension as well as problems with persistent headaches!

Arranging TMJ Treatment With Your Dentist

TMJ treatment can involve work to restore your bite function, but it is also possible that a custom appliance might be effective at helping you. When you wear a custom-made appliance to reduce jaw stress, it can lead to a reduction in painful symptoms that affect you. TMJ treatment can also include work to address persistent teeth grinding, known as bruxism.

Is An Unaddressed Dental Problem Responsible For Your TMJ Troubles?

It may be difficult for you to bite and chew in a way that feels natural because of an untreated problem with your oral health. All it takes is one problem tooth to interfere with your natural and comfortable bite. To deal with this matter, your dentist can place a dental crown over a vulnerable tooth. When in place, the crown can help you feel more comfortable applying bite pressure evenly, and it can prevent further difficulties with the tooth. Poor dental alignment is another cause of bite troubles – if we find that this issue affects you, we may be able to help with Invisalign treatment.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach Dentist About Treatment For TMJ Problems And Headaches

At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, patients who struggle with TMJ disorder and persistent headaches can enjoy dedicated support. We can work on restoring your bite function with the appropriate oral care, and we can discuss other treatments, like TruDenta, to provide relief. This is in addition to the important routine services that we offer during every appointment to our patients! For more information, or to make an appointment for yourself, please call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at (757) 428-7440.