Enjoy A Confidence Boost From Your Gum Contouring Treatment

Sometimes, the recommended approach to cosmetic dental work is one that involves treatment for your gums. People who have excessive or bulky tissues may feel unhappy with the way they look because their teeth appear small or short. They can also have issues because bulky or uneven tissues interfere with the way they look. Through a gum contouring treatment, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can directly take on these issues so that you can show a more confident, even, and attractive smile! We can even make plans to follow this procedure with additional cosmetic work to help you feel truly confident in your appearance.  

How Does A Gum Contouring Treatment Improve Your Appearance?

If your gums dominate your smile, appear uneven, or otherwise affect the way you look, it can hard to feel good about your appearance. Through a gum contouring procedure, we can carefully correct the flaws that make you feel uncomfortable with your smile. This work can be precise enough to improve your appearance while still minimizing the overall changes to these tissues. Thanks to the laser technology we use for these procedures, we can deliver a precise treatment that encourages faster recovery.

Laser Technology Can Improve Your Treatment Experience

Rather than using manual tools to do a gum contouring procedure, our practice relies on laser technology to deliver a better treatment experience. Lasers make it possible to work with more precision, and also require shorter healing times for patients. In addition to waiting less time to recover, you can be happy to no that the procedure can be done without the need for sutures.

Should I Follow A Gum Contouring Procedure With Additional Cosmetic Services?

For many people, their smile concerns are limited to the issues that a gum contouring procedure can resolve. However, there are some cases where it might be beneficial to move forward with additional services. The procedures we offer can help you make your smile whiter, restore damaged or worn teeth, and even hide some alignment flaws. One thing you can consider is following gum contouring treatment with tooth bonding and contouring services, which can help you carefully improve the appearances of teeth that seem out of place in your smile.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About A Gum Contouring Treatment

At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, individuals who want to do something about their gummy smile, or who feel self-conscious about short or squat teeth, can be excited to learn about gum contouring treatment. Through a gum contouring procedure, we are able to produce exciting changes to your appearance. Thanks to the laser technology we use for this service, we can make the process remarkably precise while shortening your healing time. To find out more, please call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beacy, VA at (757) 428-7440.