How Can Soft Drinks Affect A Person’s Dental Health?

Soft drinks are a popular beverage for many people – they may be a regular feature at your dinner table, or a go-to drink when you want a little energy boost. Unfortunately, they can be less than ideal if you want to maintain a healthy smile! Your daily commitment to your oral health should involve smart dieting in addition to effective brushing and flossing. A good routine can help you control your risk for tooth decay, and avoid a situation where you need to arrange restorative dental work. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office provides important services for people in need of dental care, but remember that your dentist is also able to help you by providing consistent preventive dental services.

Soft Drinks, Sugar, And Your Smile

People tend to be aware that soft drinks pose a potential threat to their smile. When asked why this is, you can expect many to discuss the high sugar content in these beverages. However, this is not the only matter that makes them a concern. Soft drinks are acidic, which is troubling for your teeth because acidic products can soften a person’s enamel. If you are someone who regularly drinks darker beverages like cola and root beer, you can also be at risk for developing unattractive teeth stains.

What Should I Replace Soft Drinks With During Meals And Snacks?

By drinking water instead of soft drinks with meals and snacks, you gain several smile-friendly benefits. Making the commitment to drink more water will help you stay better hydrated. Your hydration levels affect your oral health because they affect how easy it is for your body to produce saliva. Saliva helps us protect our teeth between daily and professional dental cleanings by washing away debris. The substance is also able to neutralize some of the unwelcome bacteria in your mouth. Of course, these benefits come in addition to replacing a potentially harmful drink with one that is non-acidic and free of sugar!

Additional Diet Tips To Help You Maintain Your Dental Health

Breakfast is a time when people make choices that may be less than ideal for sustaining their oral health. Swap out pastries, doughnuts, and sugary cereals with healthier options in order to start your day on a more smile-friendly note. You should also consider packing your own snacks. It can be difficult to find quick and convenient food options when you are in a hurry, which people often are when trying to fit in a snack.

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist Is Proud To Help Area Families Maintain Their Teeth

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