What To Expect From Treatment To Restore An Aching Tooth

An aching tooth can become more than just a distraction. The problem can make eating uncomfortable, and it can make you understandably concerned that you have a serious dental problem that needs to be treated. A toothache is a sign that your tooth is potentially infected, which can make treatment necessary. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist is ready to restore a tooth that is damaged by decay or injury. Through root canal treatment and the placement of a dental crown, we can make sure your tooth is saved while also addressing your ongoing discomfort. It is important to note that if nothing is done about a problem causing your toothache, it is possible for you to eventually lose your tooth!

Why Are You Dealing With This Painful Toothache?

A toothache that has no obvious cause could be the result of an active cavity. When you have a cavity, decay will work its way through layers of your enamel until treatment occurs. An individual who does not receive that treatment in time can wind up with an infection because bacteria are able to enter their tooth and attack the living tissues that support it. Once this occurs, you can feel pain and sensitivity until the matter is addressed.

Scheduling Treatment To Restore An Unhealthy Tooth

If your tooth is hurting, it may be time to schedule a root canal procedure. The root canal is performed to remove an internal infection and seal your pulp. This treatment can put a stop to your discomfort, and it can ensure that your tooth’s health is restored before the harm done by bacteria becomes irreversible. After this treatment is performed, the tooth will require protection. We can use a custom dental crown to take care of your tooth – this restoration provides complete coverage above your gum line. Once this is done, you can go back to biting and chewing without discomfort!

Is It Always Possible To Save An Unhealthy Tooth?

If you leave a tooth infection untreated for too long, the bacteria within can spread through the roots and create new problems for your health. Unfortunately, a tooth can be damaged so badly that you end up having to have it removed. Your dentist can safely extract the tooth to protect your oral health. After an extraction, we can make plans with you to restore your full smile through prosthetic dentistry.

Our Virginia Beach, VA Dentist’s Office Can Address An Aching Tooth

Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist is able to help you if you have a problem that is causing your tooth to ache. After assessing the problem, we can recommend treatment to effectively resolve the situation and end your discomfort. To find out more about our restorative dental services, call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach at (757) 428-7440.