Heart Disease And Gum Disease – Is There A Connection?

Heart disease is a potentially severe problem, and it may be something you are already taking active measures to prevent. When you think about heart health, you may focus on the importance of diet, as well as proper exercise, to limit risks. There is evidence to suggest that your periodontal health can also play a role in determining your potential for possible heart troubles. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can provide important ongoing oral health support through hygiene tips and support at our practice. On top of helping you protect your smile, this care can help you avoid the potentially serious consequences of unresolved gum disease!

Untreated Problems With Your Gums May Have Surprising Consequences

How can an infection of your gum tissues lead to problems in other parts of your body? Harmful microbes that cause inflammation can travel to new parts of your body, potentially creating complications that hurt your health. If you are not taking actions to limit your risk for the buildup of bacteria below your gum line, the movement of bacteria to areas like your heart can be a real concern. There is also evidence to suggest that gum disease can make it harder for you to manage existing health issues.

Other Consequences Of Poor Oral Health

When gum disease is not being managed, the tissues that support teeth can be eroded by bacteria, leading to tooth loss. If you let a problem with tooth decay go untreated, the symptoms of a tooth infection can affect your well-being in ways that make a trip to the dentist’s office a priority. An infected tooth can give you a fever, and it can lead to swelling around your tooth. It also has the potential to make your tooth hurt so badly that you feel you need attention from your dentist as soon as possible.

These Tips Can Help You Protect Your Teeth And Gums Each Day

Through smart daily habits, you can avoid the potentially serious problems associated with tooth decay and gum disease, just as you can avoid problems with cavities that require dental fillings. Remember to be consistent about brushing and flossing even at times when you feel distracted, or too tired to practice good oral hygiene. It can take little time for plaque buildup to form and harden into tartar, which raises your risk for problems. Remember that your diet can also impact your oral health – if you are cutting back on sugars, you can deprive bacteria of their food source.

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist Can Help You Maintain Your Dental And Periodontal Health

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