A Chipped Tooth Could Be A Bigger Problem Than You Realize

image of young woman worried about her smileWhat is the “right” amount of concern to feel over a chipped tooth? Are you overreacting if you treat this problem as a serious issue, or is it something that should be dealt with as soon as possible? The problem can be a potentially serious one, as it could put your tooth at risk for infection or further damage. You should be particularly concerned if it is difficult to bite with the tooth, or if you are in pain. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can arrange to meet with you and evaluate the tooth if you are concerned about its health. Even if the problem proves to only be cosmetic, we can recommend treatment that fully addresses your concerns about it.

Your Tooth Could Be Vulnerable To More Damage Without Treatment

One possible problem with a chipped tooth is that the enamel can be vulnerable to more harm. This can occur if you continue to put bite pressure on it over time. More damage means that more of your tooth structure is permanently lost. Postponing treatment by not putting pressure on the tooth can lead to more wear and tear on remaining teeth, and it can put you at risk for chronic jaw pain caused by TMJ disorder.

Watch Out For Symptoms Of A Tooth Infection

If your chipped tooth starts to show signs of infection, you should treat the matter as a serious concern. The signs to watch out for include:

  • Swelling around the tooth
  • Changes in tooth color
  • Persistent pain or sensitivity

The longer you wait to do something about a potential infection, the greater your risk for suffering damage that makes a tooth extraction necessary. If you act to have the tooth treated in time, a root canal procedure can save it.

Your Restoration Can Improve Your Appearance

Because our practice can provide a lifelike dental crown for a damaged tooth, treatment can actually lead to cosmetic as well as functional support. What this means for you is that your bite function can return to normal, your tooth can appear healthy again, and you will not have to worry about more trauma or an infection. Crowns are designed to provide permanent support, so it will be a lasting presence once placed.

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist’s Office Can Restore Your Chipped Tooth

Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients when they experience problems with a chipped, cracked, or otherwise injured tooth. Once the problem is evaluated, we can determine what the appropriate treatment is to fully resolve the matter. It should be noted that without the appropriate treatment, there is a risk that the tooth could be damaged further, or even lost! To find out more, please call Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.