How Stress And Poor Health Potentially Affect Your Smile

stress causing a headacheWhile your oral care regimen should remain consistent from day to day, it can be fair to assume that some days will make oral hygiene tasks feel easier to accomplish than others. On days when you feel sleep deprived or under the weather, you may be less inclined to make sure you thoroughly brush and floss. This can be a common issue, but it is one that can hurt your oral health over time. Recognizing how your emotional and physical health might affect your commitment to your smile can help you make sure your habits remain unchanged even at times when you feel unwell. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can provide guidance on how and why you should keep up with your routine during regular dental checkups.

Stress Can Lead To Issues With Dry Mouth And Teeth Grinding

How often do you feel taxed by higher stress levels? Unfortunately, some stressful episodes can be difficult to avoid, but your success in managing these feelings can make it easier for you to prevent them from affecting your quality of life. One thing to watch out for while stressed is a tendency to clench or grind your jaw. In addition to doing this during the day, you may begin doing it while you sleep. This problem, known as bruxism, can lead to dental damage that causes problems for your appearance, or even harm that negatively impacts your oral health! Stress can also lead to more problems with dry mouth, which can make it harder for your body to naturally defend you against harmful oral bacteria.

Keeping Up With Smile Care While You Feel Sick

Feeling under the weather is never fun, and it can make rest a high priority. While many of your usual responsibilities can be set aside when you need to recover from illness, you should remain consistent with your oral care routine. A short break in brushing and flossing can lead to more bacteria buildup, and that can lead to more problems with plaque buildup and tartar formation, which increases your risk for problems requiring restorative dental work.

Seemingly Small Changes In Your Oral Care Can Lead To Consequences

Why can a short break in your oral care routine be so troubling? If you slip in your routine, you may allow tartar to form. While you can effectively fight plaque, tartar poses more of a hygiene challenge, as it can remain in place until you have your next professional teeth cleaning. It is also possible for problems with gingivitis to form and go untreated if you are not staying on top of your routine.

Virginia Beach Residents Can Count On Smile Support At Absolute Dental Care

Your oral health habits are important, and you should be consistent about them if you want to avoid problems with your health and appearance. To learn how our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can help you protect your smile, call Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.