Should You Discuss Gingivitis During A Dental Appointment?

Thoughtful man considering questionIf you think you might have a problem with your periodontal health, you should not take it lightly. Issues with gingivitis can be fully addressed when they are caught in time, but without proper action an infection can grow worse. If this happens, an infection can become harder to manage, and it can lead to lasting damages to your gums, risks for tooth loss, and general health issues. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office has experience identifying and addressing periodontal problems. When issues with a patient’s gums are observed, we can recommend a thorough periodontal cleaning. This procedure is more thorough than the typical cleaning recommended during a dental exam, as it focuses on removing bacteria that have gathered beneath your periodontal tissues.

Gingivitis Can Lead To Serious Problems With Gum Disease

While gingivitis can be reversed, it can be difficult to resolve problems with a person’s periodontal health if they have developed periodontitis, a more severe form of infection. When periodontitis is an issue, the damage done to the tissues supporting teeth can lead to tooth loss. There is also a risk for bacteria to move through your bloodstream to different parts of the body, which can result in new health issues!

How Can You Identify Symptoms Of Gingivitis?

You can identify problems with poor periodontal health at home when you take the time to care for your teeth. Look out for issues like periodontal sensitivity, and watch for any bleeding that may occur when you brush and floss. You may also notice that your gum line is beginning to recede, or that certain areas appear swollen or discolored.

Tips For Protecting Your Gums Between Appointments

You can do more than just recognize that gingivitis might be an issue for you. Between appointments with your dentist, you can take care to clean your teeth so that bacteria at your gum line no longer cause problems. Make sure you are thoroughly cleaning around the spaces where your teeth and gums meet in order to fight harmful microbes at these areas. You should also take care to fully clean the spaces between each day by flossing. If the string is not traveling all the way down to your gum line, you can leave bacteria behind. In addition to helping you fight gingivitis, better habits can help you avoid dental troubles that lead to the need for restorative dental work.

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist Can Help You Deal With Gingivitis

Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office has experience helping patients manage problems with gingivitis. In addition to helping with this issue, we offer a range of preventive and restorative services that can help you maintain a healthy, happy smile! If you wish to find out more, please call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach at (757) 428-7440.