Trouble Preventing Cavities? Your Diet May Need To Change

What led to the formation of your most recent cavity? Did you fail to brush effectively, or forget to floss too often to keep your smile safe? While the quality of your oral care regimen is certainly important, there are other issues that can impact your relative risk for decay. You may have had recent cavity troubles because of changes in your diet that put your teeth at greater risk for harm. If this is not addressed, you may require more restorative dental work from your Virginia Beach, VA dentist in the future! Fortunately, the right adjustments to your routine can have long-term value for your smile and dental heatlh.

Your Diet Choices Can Interfere With Your Oral Care Regimen

Throughout the day, oral bacteria can multiply in your mouth. If you have a diet that is too high in sugar, those bacteria can consume particles that remain on your teeth, then release acids that wear down your enamel. This persistent erosion can make it difficult for you to avoid the formation of cavities despite your efforts to brush and floss. Cutting back on sweets during meals and snacks is important. Your goal should be to stick with low-sugar foods, and to enjoy a nutrient-rich diet that benefits your smile and body.

Are You Consuming Enough Water?

Dehydration makes it more difficult for your body to produce saliva, which can negatively impact your smile. One direct way to address dehydration is to simply drink more water. Water also helps you protect your teeth because it can wash away harmful food particles while you eat. It is also a smart substitute for soft drinks. Soft drinks can be trouble because of their high sugar content as well as their acidity. Darker colas can create cosmetic issues, too, as they can stain your teeth.

More Tips To Help You Avoid Future Cavities

If you want to avoid problems that require the placement of dental fillings or dental crowns, good preventive care will be important. People who believe they have a good routine in place sometimes overlook certain mistakes that may be interfering with their ability to stay healthy. Those mistakes can include:

  • Using the same toothbrush for too long, or after the bristles begin to appear worn
  • Using the wrong toothpaste (make sure yours contains fluoride)
  • Flossing only when they feel something stuck between their teeth
  • Only visiting the dentist when they feel certain something is wrong with their oral health, and not for routine dental exams

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist Can Help You Deal With Cavities

At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, patients can receive important treatments for tooth decay. While we are here to provide modern, tooth-colored restorations when necessary, we can also provide quality preventive dental care! To learn more about our practice, and our different services, please call Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.