Bothered By Tartar Buildup? Schedule A Teeth Cleaning!

Even if you have a thorough oral hygiene routine, you should worry about the threat of tartar buildup. When tartar deposits form, they will remain where they are until your next professional teeth cleaning. In the time between their formation and removal, they put you at risk for potential issues with dental decay and gingivitis. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office provides consistent cleanings as part of the preventive care we provide during oral health evaluations. Routine visits help you stay informed about the condition of your teeth, and they assist you in keeping your smile healthy. In addition to removing tartar and plaque buildup during your cleaning, we can look out for threats like tooth decay and respond to them with the appropriate restorative dental treatment.

Tartar Deposits Should Not Be Ignored

When tartar buildup becomes an issue, it can leave unsightly deposits on or between your teeth. You will not be able to clear away tartar by brushing and flossing (though these habits do help you prevent buildup). While you are able to remove plaque on your own, tartar deposits are resistant to cleaning from these everyday habits. Because of this, any deposits that are present will be there until you have your next professional cleaning.

Arranging A Routine Dental Evaluation And Cleaning

Professional teeth cleanings make you less vulnerable to problems that can call for dental fillings and dental crowns. In the course of your cleaning, your hygienist will look for any areas where plaque or tartar have gathered. Once harmful deposits are found, they can be removed with care to keep you safe against gum disease and tooth decay.

While a routine cleaning is only concerned with removing harmful debris from above your gum line, a special periodontal cleaning is performed when a patient exhibits signs of gingivitis. This cleaning works on removing bacteria from the roots of your teeth, which are covered by your periodontal tissues. When this is done, it allows these tissues to recover from infection so that you no longer have to worry over what gingivitis is doing to your oral health!

Fighting Tartar Formation On Your Own

While you are not able to remove tartar by yourself, you can take care of your smile so that no new deposits form between your last appointment and your next one. Cleaning your smile by brushing is important – you should take care of your smile two times a day, with at least two minutes dedicated to the task. You should also floss on a daily basis in order to remove bacteria between your teeth.

Schedule A Dental Visit With Absolute Dental Care!

At Absolute Dental Care, patients can receive ongoing preventive care that helps them avoid trouble with tartar buildup, gum disease, tooth decay, and more! To find out more about our services, you can reach our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office by calling (757) 428-7440.