Can Better Daily Habits Help Me Avoid Teeth Stains?

man shruggingIn order to remain confident in your smile, your focus should be on preserving the quality and health of your teeth. With good habits in place, you can successfully prevent tooth decay and gum disease from impacting your well-being. In order to remain confident in your appearance, you should also think about how you can protect your smile against teeth stains. Stains can be difficult to prevent, as even teeth that stay cavity-free can see some discoloration. With that said, you can make adjustments to your habits in order to lower your exposure to items that cause stains while also sticking to a good oral care regimen to stay protected against them. In addition to having helped patients fight teeth stains through whitening treatments, our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can help you prevent further troubles with your smile through consistent preventive dental care.

Many Foods And Drinks Can Leave Stains On Teeth

Unfortunately, there are many foods and drinks that are readily available to people that can leave behind stains. Products that are rich in color, or those that are darker, can leave behind chromogens and tannins on your enamel. When those particles accumulate, they gradually dull or discolor formerly bright teeth.

Can I Fight Teeth Stains With Better Oral Hygiene?

By brushing thoroughly, you can clear away particles that have recently gathered on your teeth. Unfortunately, your efforts may be less effective if you are trying to remove older stains that have already settled beneath the surface of your enamel. For stubborn stains that have been a source of embarrassment, you may need a professional whitening treatment to help. With that said, an effective and thorough brushing and flossing routine can help you fight the buildup of new stains. That effort, combined with smart diet changes, can help you avoid new discoloration.

Is Discoloration Always Connected To Teeth Stains?

It is possible for a tooth to change color because of an injury, or even due to an advanced cavity that leads to an infection. In a situation where the tooth is in need of restorative dental work, securing a dental crown to the tooth can help with its appearance. If you have discoloration due to enamel erosion, or because of certain medications that can lead to color changes, other cosmetic services besides teeth whitening can help.

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist Can Help You Protect And Preserve Your Smile!

At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, patients have enjoyed help with a range of different oral health concerns. With the approach to dental care, and access to regular preventive services, you can see to it that your smile remains in good condition! If you would like to find out more, please call Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.