How Can You Manage A Problem With TMJ Disorder?

chronic jaw painLeaving issues with TMJ disorder untreated can mean putting up with jaw pain and sensitivity, recurring headaches, and difficulties with biting and chewing. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we have the technology to carefully study a person’s jaw movement and bite so that the reasons behind discomfort can be identified and addressed. Treatment can lead to more than just relief from pain. Through this care, it is also possible to remedy an issue that causes you to grind your teeth, which can lead to more jaw stress as well as visible dental damage.

Untreated Jaw Problems Can Lead To Bite Pain, Headaches, And Teeth Grinding

A problem with an individual’s bite can lead to several difficulties. You may start to experience pain or sensitivity whenever you bite and chew food, or even when you laugh and speak. It is also possible for a problem rooted in your jaw to affect you by causing frequent headaches. If the issue has created problems for your bite movement, you may apply excess pressure to certain teeth that puts them at more risk for injury as well as wear and tear. The longer you go without bringing up these troubles with a dentist, the more time you can spend living with discomfort. You also put yourself at more risk because of potential damage to your teeth through grinding and clenching.

Discussing Aches And Pains With Your Dentist

If aches and pains are a frequent issue for you, we can take action. Thanks to TruDenta, we can identify problems with jaw jaw and facial muscles that are causing headaches, and work to correct them. When appropriate, we can also offer a custom appliance that reduces strain on your jaw joints by gently repositioning your lower jaw. In time, this can reduce stress on the joints and muscles, and help you enjoy lasting relief!

Has A Teeth Grinding Habit Taken A Toll On Your Smile?

In time, an unresolved problem with teeth grinding can lead to smile damage that is hard to ignore. For some, these problems can call for cosmetic dental work, while others can be in need of dental crowns. You should bring up issues with teeth grinding, or bruxism, as soon as possible. A custom appliance can ensure you are no longer grinding your teeth at night, a time when you are not able to put a stop to this problem by simply relaxing your jaw.

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist’s Office Can Help With TMJ Disorder

Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is prepared to help individuals who are experiencing problems with TMJ disorder. If you have problems with jaw pain and stiffness, teeth grinding, or chronic headaches, reach out to Absolute Dental Care by calling (757) 428-7440.