Is Your Natural Resistance To Cavities Starting To Change?

If your oral hygiene routine continues to protect you from cavities, it may be hard to imagine that tooth decay is a threat to you. While it is good to have a routine that keeps your confidence up, be aware that a person’s natural resistance to cavities can change without them realizing it. Efforts that have been effective for some time may fail to protect you from decay in the future. This may be because of a change in your diet, or even a problem with your physical health. Staying consistent with routine dental evaluations can keep you informed about the state of your smile. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can provide exams and professional teeth cleanings that help you sustain a healthy, lovely smile!

Changes In Your Diet And Physical Health Can Affect Your Ability To Prevent Cavities

While your brushing and flossing routine remains the same, other changes that affect your oral health can occur. You can have a more difficult time preventing cavities if you become less consistent with your healthy diet. It is also possible for stress, medications, or a change in your hydration levels to cause dry mouth, which makes it harder for you to naturally protect your teeth during the day. When you fail to recognize these changes, you can be unaware that you are becoming more vulnerable to problems that require dental fillings and dental crowns.

Enamel Erosion Can Affect Your Oral Health

Several issues can speed up the gradual erosion of your enamel. Aggressive brushing can weaken the outer layer of your teeth. Acidic foods and beverages, problems with dry mouth, and unconscious teeth grinding can also create problems. In time, enamel erosion can make a person more susceptible to cavities. It can also lead to unwelcome changes in the color of your teeth, and problems with their shape and condition. Cosmetic dental work can help you recover from the esthetic problems associated with this erosion.

Tips For Staying On Top Of Your Oral Health Needs

Make sure you remain as consistent as possible with brushing and flossing, and give yourself time to clean every area of your smile. Throughout the day, drink water in order to stay hydrated – better hydration levels make you less likely to deal with dry mouth. If you are struggling to stop problems with teeth grinding, you can talk to your dentist. Those who grind their teeth at night can receive a special appliance to keep their smile safe.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist’s Office About Better Cavity Prevention

At Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA, patients who worry about their oral health can count on preventive care at every routine appointment. In addition to taking care of your teeth at our practice, we can talk to you about what you can change in order to make yourself more resistant to problems between visits! Learn more by calling our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office at (757) 428-7440.