Is Your Smile Healthy Enough To Start Invisalign Treatment?

thinking not sureIf your teeth appear poorly aligned, and you are old enough to start orthodontic treatment, you should be able to jump right into a smile adjustment…right? While you might be eager to address problems like gaps and overlaps between teeth, there may be other issues with your oral health that should be addressed before a correction can begin. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can talk with you about starting treatment with Invisalign, but we can also arrange any preliminary work that is required to ready you for your adjustment. Because our practice offers this orthodontic service as well as dental care, you can make sure everything is addressed with a single practice!

Discussing Orthodontic Treatment With Your Dentist

Because our practice is able to offer dental care as well as orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, we are able to work with patients on more than just their alignment issues. We can determine if any problems, like tooth decay, need to be treated before you receive your aligners. Arranging everything with one practice can make matters more convenient for you as you work towards fixing frustrating smile flaws.

Arranging Restorative Treatment

If necessary, we can address active cavities through the appropriate restorative dental work. This will require the placement of either dental fillings or dental crowns. For smaller cavities, dental fillings are effective at protecting you against infection and at giving structural support with minimal changes to the tooth. Larger cavities, and those teeth that require root canal treatment, can be protected with dental crowns. If a crown has to be placed on a tooth that is more prominent when you smile and speak, we can recommend using a restoration that is made from zirconia or porcelain.

What To Expect When You Begin Invisalign Treatment

Before you begin treatment with Invisalign, your teeth and oral structures are carefully measured so that your adjustment can be planned. Custom aligners will be supplied to you, with each one bringing you a step closer to your improved smile. These appliances can be removed by you at any time, so you can clean your teeth and eat without worrying about their interference. Their clear plastic design can make it easy to wear them without feeling self-conscious, as they can go unnoticed while they are on your teeth.

Our Virginia Beach, VA Dentist’s Office Has Helped Many Patients Through Invisalign Treatment

Absolute Dental Care is prepared to help patients in and around the Virginia Beach, VA community address concerns about their smiles. If you have questions about starting treatment with Invisalign, or any other procedure that can improve your appearance and oral health, please contact your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist, Dr. Folck, by calling (757) 428-7440.