Share Concerns About Sleep Apnea With Your Dentist

If you had a toothache, you would tell your dentist about it during a routine dental evaluation, right? People have little trouble acknowledging that their dentist should know about tooth pain, jaw problems, or worrying symptoms of gum disease. What they might not realize is that they can also benefit from bringing up concerns over sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is more than just a snoring problem – people who have this condition lose the ability to complete their rest cycles, which leaves them without the benefits of sleep. In addition to addressing problems with sleep apnea, our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can speak with you about oral health issues that prolonged fatigue can cause.

Why Is Sleep Apnea Something To Discuss During A Dental Visit?

If you are suffering from sleep apnea, you can have a difficult time staying alert during the day due to feelings of fatigue. That fatigue can make it harder to focus on your brushing and flossing routine, and it can also lead to the consumption of more caffeinated drinks that pose problems for your teeth. In addition to helping patients who are dealing with sleep deprivation manage their oral health, we can speak to them about treating sleep apnea with a custom oral appliance.

Treating Snoring And Sleep Apnea With An Oral Appliance

Treatment with a CPAP machine may not be necessary if you want to deal with sleep apnea. Patients who qualify can actually wear a custom appliance provided by their dentist to improve their breathing during the night. Because the appliance keeps your airways clear as you sleep, you can remain asleep throughout the night, no longer waking up due to interrupted breathing.

Poor Sleep Habits May Have Already Disrupted Your Oral Health

You may need to recommit yourself to good oral health care habits if you have spent a longer period of time without restful sleep. If you need help staying awake, you may be relying on more caffeine than you realize. If your preferred source of caffeine is high in sugar, this raises your cavity risk. Even if you stick with sugar-free coffee or tea, these liquids are able to stain teeth and hurt your confidence in your smile. Poor sleep can also make it difficult to keep teeth healthy because you frequently feel tired at the start and end of your day, which means you can have less focus as you brush and floss.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Sleep Apnea

Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who worry that sleep apnea is affecting them. If you would like to find out more, please contact Absolute Dental Care by calling our office at (757) 428-7440.