The Potential Impact Of Coffee On Your Dental Health

While coffee can be both a treat and an aid for accomplishing tasks, it may create problems for your smile if you enjoy it too often. Because people enjoy coffee in a variety of ways, the risk your favorite brew poses may differ from someone else’s. Generally speaking, someone whose drinks tend to be packed with sugar will have more to worry about when it comes to cavities. With that said, even coffee without added sugar can be trouble for you due to its acidity levels, and because drinking it can lead to dry mouth. Of course, frequent coffee drinkers can also notice an unwelcome change in the color of their smile. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can help you stay on top of your oral health needs during your dental evaluations. While professional preventive care is important, it is also important to recognize how your different daily choices change your risk for dental problems.

Think About The Influence Your Diet Can Have On Your Smile

Throughout the typical day, a person can be expected to enjoy several meals, at least one snack, and a number of beverages. If you have recently received dental fillings or dental crowns in the recent past, or if you start to notice changes in the color of your smile, it may be time to reflect on what your food and drink choices are doing to you. Think about how much sugar you consume in a day – if you have a history of trouble with tooth decay, it could be time to cut back. You should also watch out for acidic foods and drinks, as they can weaken enamel and raise your vulnerability for problems.

Should You Worry More About Coffee’s Effect On Your Teeth?

While coffee is one of many products a person will consume in a day, it is something that many people enjoy on a frequent basis. Some make sure a pot is brewed in the kitchen each morning, while others will make constant trips to a coffee shop for their drinks. While a conservative amount of coffee can be enjoyed without creating trouble for your teeth, heavy coffee drinkers may have issues with dental discoloration. If your drinks tend to be loaded with sweet additives, cutting back can help you avoid future cavities!

Do You Frequently Use Coffee To Fight Fatigue?

Increased cavity consumption can occur when a person is lacking sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect your smile in this situation, and in other ways that may surprise you. Fatigue can make you feel especially drained during mornings and nights, times when people take care of their oral hygiene. If you are unfocused at these times, you can develop poor habits that leave you vulnerable to tartar buildup, gum disease, and more!

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist Helps Patients Maintain Healthy Smiles!

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