Will Your Smile Be Affected By Cavity Treatment?

If you have a cavity, a trip to the dentist’s office will have to occur if you want the problem properly addressed. Until the appropriate restorative dental treatment occurs, decay will continue to spread and do permanent harm to your tooth structure. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can restore a tooth by both removing decay and responding to dental damage with a permanent restoration. If the cavity forms on a tooth that is visible when you speak or smile, we can discuss using a dental filling or dental crown that closely matches the look of your healthy tooth. By doing this, we can preserve its health while also avoiding unwelcome changes in your appearance!

How Much Harm Can A Cavity Really Do To Your Smile?

If a cavity forms and is not addressed in time, it can have an alarming impact on your well-being and appearance. If enough time passes, decay will expose the inner chamber of your tooth to an infection. Bacteria that enter the tooth will attack the living nerves, causing discomfort and issues with sensitivity. When this occurs, a tooth’s color can change, and you may notice that some swelling begins to occur. Fortunately, the treatment for your tooth can end with a custom restoration that matches its appearance, which means you will be able to smile and speak without worrying that it attracts unwanted attention.

Scheduling Treatment With A Dental Filling Or Dental Crown

The size of your cavity will affect what type of restoration is recommended for your treatment. Cavities that are caught in time can be restored with dental fillings, which are the more conservative of your restoration options. With a filling, only the space where a cavity formed is covered, so your remaining tooth structure is kept intact. A tooth-colored filling can actually bond directly with your tooth structure to provide remarkable support. If you need more protection than a filling can offer, we do offer dental crowns for patients. If a tooth is noticeable when you smile and speak, we can arrange the placement of a crown made from zirconia or porcelain, as these materials can closely match the look of healthy enamel.

Protect Yourself Against Cavities By Attending Regular Exams

While you can restore your smile without causing a noticeable change in your appearance, your goal should still be to avoid problems with decay and avoid restorative treatment altogether. At every routine dental exam, your smile is closely checked by your dentist for any signs of decay. In addition to a review, you receive a thorough teeth cleaning that removes accumulated plaque and tartar. When this service is provided, you are protected against bacteria, which makes you less vulnerable to the formation of a new cavity.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Scheduling A Cavity Treatment

Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients when they show signs of decay. To find out more about how  we can help you, you can reach Absolute Dental Care by calling (757) 428-7440.