Has A Teeth Grinding Habit Left You With A Broken Tooth?

Teeth grinding problems can arise because of stress, unresolved issues with TMJ disorder, or even from the consumption of caffeine and alcohol, particularly in the afternoon and evening. If you are grinding your teeth at night, the consequences can be serious. Initially, you may be concerned about chronic pain or sensitivity that affect you due to nightly grinding. Unfortunately, this problem, known as bruxism, can lead to more than just pain or sensitivity. In time, the mounting pressure and friction can actually lead to teeth chipping and cracking! Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is ready to help you if you break a tooth due to bruxism. In addition to restoring the tooth, we can talk with you about treating your grinding problem!

Bruxism Can Have Serious Consequences For Your Oral Health

Bruxism is a problem that should not be taken lightly. You can prevent permanent dental damage from occurring if you act in time to protect your smile. However, if you wait to long to deal with the problem, it can continue to wear down your enamel, leading to unwelcome cosmetic changes and even damage to your teeth! Bruxism can also contribute to ongoing issues with jaw stiffness and pain that may be affecting you.

Restoring Your Damaged Tooth

There are multiple services available at our practice that can restore a problem tooth. If the damage is only superficial, we can make arrangements to restore your tooth through cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain veneers are effective at hiding chips and cracks while only making minor modifications to your tooth structure. For more significant damage, the use of a dental crown may be necessary. Putting a crown in place will keep a tooth safe from further harm, and it will help to make sure that you are still able to put pressure on it whenever you bite and chew.

How Can I Avoid More Problems With Teeth Grinding?

If you continue to grind your teeth at night, we can recommend the use of a custom mouth guard to keep your teeth safe. The guard is shaped to fit your teeth so that it remains in position and guards you against further damage. We also use oral appliances when treating issues with TMJ disorder.

Absolute Dental Care Is Ready To Help Those Affected By Teeth Grinding

If a problem with teeth grinding goes unresolved, it can lead to potentially serious damage to your smile! Absolute Dental Care is prepared to help patients who are growing concerned about bruxism. We can provide treatment for damaged teeth, and we can also provide you with a custom guard to protect teeth from increasing harm. To learn more about our services, contact your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist, Dr. Folck, by calling (757) 428-7440.