Want To Show Off Whiter Teeth? 3 Things You Should Know

Even if you manage to greatly reduce your exposure to foods and drinks that stain teeth, you can feel frustrated with the effect dental discoloration has on your smile. Teeth whitening kits that are available at your local store can have some effect on the way you look, but you can feel let down by their overall impact. To see more significant results, talk to your Virginia Beach, VA dentist about a professional whitening treatment! Through our different cosmetic dental services, we are able to deal with a range of issues that affect the way a person looks. We offer two different strategies for resolving problems with teeth stains. We also provide services that can help you if internal tooth problems have led to discoloration.

1. You Can See More Striking Results From Professional Whitening Treatment

Before talking to their dentist, many people will try a store bought product to whiten their smile. Toothpastes and whitening kits that are on the shelves of your local grocery store can help with recently acquired stains, but they can fail to produce the results you hope to see when you use them. To make more striking changes, talk to your dentist about the benefits of cosmetic dental work. Through a whitening treatment provided at our office (or one performed on site), you can see remarkable improvements!

2. You Can Take Home A Whitening Kit From Your Dentist

While our practice is ready to take care of patients in the office, we also provide customized whitening kits that can be used at home. Your kit will provide you with potent bleaching agents along with trays that you can use to evenly apply these agents to your teeth. By following the instructions given by your dentist, you can see your smile become significantly brighter!

3. The Right Cosmetic Service Can Deal With Intrinsic Discoloration

Through the right treatment options, it is possible for us to make your smile look brighter, healthier, and younger. Sometimes, it it necessary to look at alternatives to teeth whitening treatment to deal with discoloration. This is because a patient’s teeth are affected by intrinsic discoloration, internal problems that affect their color. This issue can be addressed by scheduling a dental bonding treatment, or by placing porcelain veneers on your teeth. Both of these services offer more than just a response to discoloration – they can reshape teeth, change their size, and even hide wear and tear that has accumulated over time.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Making Your Smile Whiter!

Our dentist’s office in Virginia Beach, VA is prepared to help those who hope to make their teeth whiter. If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening treatment, or if you hope to discuss other cosmetic services provided at our practice, please contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.