Schedule Exams At Our Virginia Beach Dentist’s Office

Is it time for you to return to the dentist’s chair? How often do you currently schedule and attend routine oral health evaluations? Unless your dentist sees a reason to have you follow something different, you should plan on attending checkups on a semiannual basis. If you are out of this practice, or if you are new to the Virginia Beach area and still need to find a dentist, we are ready to help! At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we provide thorough reviews as well as teeth cleanings that remove harmful plaque and tartar deposits from your enamel. When we meet with patients, we look for more than just cavities and gum disease. We can also talk to you about issues like TMJ disorder and sleep apnea, two problems that can disrupt your quality of life and well-being.

How Long Has It Been Since You Last Had Your Teeth Examined?

Patients are typically told to see their dentist for routine care every six months. Exams provide two important services. Your hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove harmful tartar and plaque buildup that can create issues for you. Your dentist will closely study your smile and look for any problems that might call for restorative dental work. If you have gone without exams for an extended period of time, you are more likely to have issues with your oral health that have gradually worsened and become a point of concern that requires more involved restorative dental work.

What To Expect At Your Teeth Cleaning And Evaluation

When your hygienist cleans your teeth, they remove any bits of food, plaque buildup, and tartar deposits that are present. Tartar deposits are particularly concerning, because you cannot clear them away on your own by brushing and flossing. If tartar remains, it can make you more vulnerable to dental decay as well as periodontal problems. In addition to cleaning your teeth, we will check you for active problems that need your dentist’s attention.

We Are Prepared To Help If We Identify A Problem

We provide a variety of restorative dental services, including cavity treatments with lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns, for patients who come in with problems that require attention. In addition to dealing with cavities, our practice can work with you to address pain and jaw stiffness caused by TMJ disorder, or use oral appliance therapy to help you address trouble with sleep apnea.

Book Your Next Dental Exam At Absolute Dental Care

At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we provide thorough oral health reviews that help our patients maintain healthy, lovely smiles! If you are due for your next exam, if you have any concerns about the health of your smile, or if there are any other matters we can assist with, please contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.