How Professional Teeth Cleanings Protect Your Gums

Every time you brush and floss your teeth, you protect your gums as well as your dental enamel. After all, these actions clear away the bacteria buildup and concentrations of plaque that can cause gingivitis. What you should know is that your preventive dental visits also protect you against potential periodontal troubles. Regular teeth cleanings remove plaque and tartar that make you more likely to develop gingivitis. If there are signs that you already have gingivitis, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can recommend that you undergo a more involved periodontal cleaning to remove the bacteria that have already started to spread below your gum line.

Your Periodontal Health Can Be More Important Than You Realize

How worried do you really need to be about gingivitis? While this infection does not require restorative dental work, it is something that you should take seriously as a threat. When an infection forms and does not undergo treatment, it can lead to the start of a more advanced infection, one that can affect your general health and lead to tooth loss!

You can actually recognize when you start to experience problems with gingivitis. Symptoms to be aware of include chronic bad breath, problems with gums that bleed too easily, swelling or discoloration of tissues, and gum line recession. When these problems begin to affect you, it can be a sign that you need help fighting the accumulation of bacteria beneath your gum line.

What To Expect When Symptoms Of Gingivitis Are Identified

If your dentist observes problems with gingivitis at your next appointment, then we can recommend that you undergo a periodontal cleaning instead of a standard teeth cleaning. The periodontal cleaning removes bacteria that have gathered below your gum line already. By taking care of these harmful microbes, we give your periodontal tissues the opportunity to recover from their infection and return to good health.

Other Benefits To Regular Preventive Dental Care

Regular dental checkups reveal more than just whether or not you have trouble with gum disease. Of course, your dentist will take a close look at your teeth to see if you have any cavity issues. You may not feel pain when you first develop a cavity. Fortunately, these smaller cavities can still be identified and treated with dental fillings. We also look for other possible problems with your oral health, like TMJ disorder. This is a condition that affects your jaw movement, and when untreated can cause problems with stiff or painful jaw movement, jaw stiffness, and even chronic headaches!

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