How Will My Smile Look After My Broken Tooth Is Restored?

A broken tooth can create many issues for you, as it can make trouble for your appearance and also cause problems with your ability to bite and chew food. Even if the damage seems relatively minor at first, you may leave yourself vulnerable to problems that worsen over time and create new concerns at a later date. You can have your broken tooth evaluated at our Virginia Beach, VA dental office. At your appointment, we will provide a review to determine how serious the injury is and see what kind of treatment you require. A conservative cosmetic dental procedure can restore your tooth while making minimal changes to its structure. If your tooth is in poor health, or if you are not comfortable putting bite pressure on it, we can discuss restorative dental treatment.

A Broken Tooth Can Affect Your Smile And Dental Function

If your tooth has chipped, if a crack has formed, or if a portion of it has broken, your smile and oral health can be affected in frustrating ways. If people can see the broken tooth, it can cause problems for you because it makes your smile look awkward and uneven. Even if the injury is difficult to notice, it can still make trouble for you by interfering with your bite function. Unfortunately, a change in your bite function to avoid problems with pain or sensitivity can lead to TMJ disorder, as your adjusted bite motions can put stress on your jaw joints and muscles. You can also overuse certain teeth, and that increased wear and tear can make them more vulnerable to problems.

Dealing With A Superficial Dental Injury

A superficial injury can still be a serious concern, even if it does not cause immediate oral health concerns. We can deal with less severe damage by providing cosmetic dental work. Through tooth bonding and contouring work, we can carefully change the way a tooth looks without placing a permanent restoration on or over it. We can also hide damage through the placement of a porcelain veneer, a thin shell that only covers the tooth’s front surface.

Addressing An Injury That Puts Your Tooth’s Health In Jeopardy

If your tooth’s health is in jeopardy, or if you are already dealing with complications because of damage, we can provide the appropriate restorative dental work. When necessary, we will perform root canal therapy to resolve problems with infection after dental damage. By capping a tooth with a custom dental crown, we can protect the remaining structure while also restoring your bite function!

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist If You Need A Broken Tooth Treated

If you have concerns about a broken tooth, let our Virginia Beach, VA dental office know! At your appointment, we can evaluate your tooth and find the most conservative solution to your trouble. To find out more, please contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.