Scheduling Cavity Treatment With Your Virginia Beach Dentist

If you have a cavity, you will need to undergo a restorative dental procedure to stop your tooth’s health from deteriorating further. Cavities can be prevented through good daily oral hygiene habits, but after they form they will continue to do harm to your enamel, eventually giving bacteria access to cause a painful infection. Fortunately, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist is prepared to restore your tooth and overall oral health. We will closely evaluate your tooth to see what kind of cavity treatment is necessary. If decay has led to an infection, we can perform root canal therapy. When a cavity is caught in time, we can make sure it is restored before this happens, and you can be fine after the placement of a dental filling!

A Cavity Treatment Is Not Something You Want To Put Off

Why should you be concerned about promptly scheduling cavity treatment? The more time you wait to arrange a procedure, the more damage your tooth can experience. In time, you can actually develop an infection that causes problems like dental pain, sensitivity, and swelling. There is not a way for you to halt a cavity’s progress without treatment. While good preventive dental care stops cavities from forming, professional treatment is necessary after one forms.

Scheduling Treatment To Address Tooth Decay

Your dentist will examine your tooth to see what kind of procedure is needed. When decay is identified in time, we can respond by providing a dental filling. A filling is a conservative treatment option, one that only covers the space where a cavity was removed. Larger cavities require more support than fillings offer, which makes it necessary to place dental crowns. A crown will be needed if you have to undergo root canal therapy because of an infection.

Restoring A Tooth That Has Become Infected

Tooth infections occur when cavities expose you to internal infection from bacteria. When this happens, you can have a difficult time ignoring the problem, as you can experience, pain, sensitivity, and even swelling of the tissues surrounding your tooth. Root canal therapy removes infected and damaged tissues as well as the bacteria responsible for your condition. After we do this, we can prepare the tooth for the placement of a custom dental crown.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Scheduling Cavity Treatment

Our Virginia Beach, VA dental office is prepared to help when patients come to us about tooth decay. By properly addressing your cavity, we can stop a problem from growing worse and preserve both your smile and bite function. If you would like to know more about our restorative services, or if you have current concerns about your oral health, please contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.