Should You Ask Your Dentist About Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Your ability to show off a confident smile can be negatively impacted by many factors. One common point of concern for people is the brightness of their teeth. As stains build up over time, your enamel can begin to look dull and discolored, leaving you looking older and less healthy. Tobacco use and the consumption of many dark or color-rich foods and drinks can cause stains to accumulate and worsen in time. At our Virginia Beach, VA dental office, we can provide you with a professional whitening treatment so that you no longer have to feel self-conscious about teeth that look less white and generally less attractive. We also provide other cosmetic dental services. These can take on other problems with the shape, size, or alignment of teeth. They can also help those affected by internal issues that negatively affect their teeth color.

How Teeth Whitening Leads To Better, Brighter Smiles

Teeth whitening treatments that are available at your local grocery store or pharmacy can have some benefits, but they can fail to deliver the improvements that you really want. A professional whitening treatment can have more impact on the color and quality of your smile. The whitening agents available from your dentist can deal with deeper, harder to address stains that over the counter products are not as effective at treating. Because of this, you can see your smile become brighter by many shades, and in less time than you might think possible.

Your Options For Whitening Treatment

There are two different approaches to professional teeth whitening that we offer our patients. One is the in-office whitening procedure, which we can finish in as little as one appointment. Thanks to the use of a special light that activates the effects of our whitening gels, we can make patients’ teeth many shades brighter during their one appointment. For those who like the convenience of at-home treatments but want better results than store bought products offer, we can provide a customized whitening kit. Included in these kits are whitening gels and custom trays that fit your teeth to apply your treatments. Over the course of ten to fourteen days, you can take on embarrassing stains and see results that are comparable to what we can do during an in-office procedure!

You May Find That Another Procedure Is The Right One For You

For people whose teeth look discolored because of internal tooth problems, we can recommend other cosmetic dental services. Those services include treatments like the placement of porcelain veneers, which are able to hide blemishes as well as problems with the shape, size, and condition of any teeth that are not a good fit for your smile. We can also correct problems like these through tooth bonding and contouring work.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Teeth Whitening Treatment

Our dental office in Virginia Beach, VA is ready to help when patients feel that their teeth look dull or discolored and want to show off a better smile. To find out how we can help you, contact Absolute Dental Care at (757) 428-7440.