The Timing Of Your Cavity Treatment

Why does timing matter when it comes to a cavity treatment? Simply put, the longer you wait to do something, the more damage you can experience. Cavities keep growing if they are not treated, which can lead to worsening harm to your tooth structure and also the onset of an infection that needs to be addressed through root canal therapy. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is here to help if you have trouble with your smile. While we can take on a severe cavity that affects your smile, our regular checkups can lead to the early detection and treatment of decay before there are complications.

Delaying Treatment For A Cavity Can Lead To Problems

If you know something is wrong with your smile but you choose not to act on this knowledge by seeing your dentist, you can put yourself at risk for real oral health issues. The formation of a cavity is a serious issue, as you will not be able to stop it from growing and doing more irreversible harm to your enamel. Eventually, this can lead to the formation of an infection that leaves you in need of root canal treatment. The problem can worsen from here, as bacteria can eventually spread through your tooth and affect other areas, leading to more complications.

Dealing With An Infected Tooth

An infection is not a problem to take lightly, but this is a problem that we can address without making a tooth extraction necessary when we catch it in time. Through a root canal treatment, we can remove bacteria and infected tissues so that you are no longer at risk from the spread of harmful microbes through your roots. After clearing away unhealthy tissues, we will seal your pulp and provide a custom dental crown to protect your tooth.

Your Cavity Treatment Can Restore Your Tooth And Smile

Your cavity treatment can do more than just take care of the damage of dental decay. With a lifelike restoration, we can make sure you have the bite support you need as well as coverage to preserve your appearance. Fillings are a more conservative treatment option than dental crowns, as they only occupy the space where a cavity formed.

Arrange Your Cavity Treatment With Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist!

A cavity is not a problem to take lightly. With that said, you can be happy to know that if decay becomes a problem for you, our practice can address the matter without changing your smile. Our restorative services can help patients with different degrees of damage from decay, even when that damage leads to an infection. If you would like to find out more, reach out to Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at 757-428-7440.