Lasting Treatment For Tooth Decay

The formation of a cavity means the formation of irreversible dental damage. The permanent loss of healthy enamel needs to be addressed as part of your restorative treatment; if proper care is not taken, your tooth would remain in vulnerable condition even after decayed tissues are removed. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can provide lasting treatments for tooth decay that prioritize your dental health as well as your appearance. This is because we have the ability to provide both dental fillings and dental crowns that imitate enamel. They can also provide functional bite support, so your ability to maintain your standard dental function is not compromised.

How Is A Tooth Restored And Protected After A Cavity?

The process of properly treating a cavity calls for both the removal of decayed tissues and treatment to address the permanent loss of enamel that you experience. Because cavities are caught in different stages and cause different degrees of damage, there is not a single approach to treatment that we take. For problems that are caught in time, conservative treatment with dental fillings can be recommended. In a situation where the damage is more significant, we may need to recommend that you have a dental crown placed, and in some cases we may even need to provide root canal therapy.

Using A Conservative Dental Filling For Your Treatment

Smaller cavities that are caught during routine dental exams can be addressed when only limited damage has occurred. After carefully treating the infection site, we can use a composite resin substance to protect your tooth. Your lifelike dental filling will provide long-term protection while preserving your appearance. In addition to offering lasting durability, these lifelike fillings offer remarkable stability, as the composite material we use can actually bond directly to your enamel!

Relying On Dental Crowns To Treat Unhealthy Teeth

For teeth that experience more significant damage, including those that will require root canal treatment, it can take more than dental fillings to provide permanent protection. With dental crowns, we can offer more advanced support by surrounding the tooth structure above your gum line. We have different options for these restorations, including crowns that are made with a lifelike porcelain or zirconia in order to match your appearance.

Talk To Your Virginia Beah, VA Dentist’s Office About Treatment For Tooth Decay!

Through the right cavity treatment, we can make sure that any problems with your teeth are fully addressed, your smile is preserved, and you are still able to bite and chew in a way that feels natural and comfortable. If you would like to find out more about this or any other forms of care we can offer, contact Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at 757-428-7440.