Smile Care: Things To Bring Up In The New Year

Take a moment to think about your smile care in 2017. Are you completely satisfied with the way everything went? Do you wish you had approached us about something like attaining a whiter smile? Are you still wondering about something you heard last year and you wish you had answers? Take a moment to reflect and then come in to see us. Your checkups provide you with the time to get your mysteries solved and questions answered!


3 Things You Can’t Necessarily Detect

When problems are first problems, there’s often not much going on. As a result, even though oral health trouble is developing and getting started, you may be assuming that all is well. You don’t feel any changes. You don’t see any changes. Everything seems like it’s always been. You may even decide to skip your usual dental checkup because after all, you don’t seem to need one! The truth is: You do need your dental visit. It lets us find the issue and start treating it long before it causes serious damage. Consider some reasons to keep up with those appointments!


How Dental Care Is Cost Effective

There’s something about dental care that causes patients to immediately assume it’s going to be quite costly. Of course, in some instances, there are treatments and care that can require serious investments. However, when you keep up with your smile, you maintain its health, and you’re consistent with that care, you will typically find that it will prove extremely cost effective. Having a hard time believing it? Consider the reasoning.


What Happens at A Dental Examination?

Mysteries can be lots of fun, but not if they leave you wondering “What will happen?” Dental examinations take place every day, and although each one is different, they share some traits in common. If you are a new patient, we will get to know you. If you are a returning patients, the twice yearly exams give us a chance to say hello and make sure your oral health is good and that your teeth are as healthy and beautiful as possible. (more…)

Reading Challenge for Adults and Little Ones

Reading aloud is wonderful way to spend time with little ones. For a few minutes (or more) each day, you can snuggle up to share a book. Reading helps build young vocabularies, and encourages empathy and problem solving. Plus, picture books are fun! Join the VIrginia Beach Public Library 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Challenge, and start logging your reading minutes right away! (more…)

Toothbrush Resolutions for 2018

In the scope of things, toothbrush resolutions may not seem very important. On the other hand, these next three resolutions are so simple, you are almost guaranteed to be successful at keeping them all year long. And a toothbrush is one of your most powerful allies in the battle for healthy teeth and gums. Proper brushing, combined with flossing and regular preventive dental visits can help make 2018 the best dental year yet, for you and your whole family. (more…)

Merry Christmas: 3 More Things To Be Thankful For

Yes, Thanksgiving has passed and we are onto Christmas and then the New Year. However, though you may have already gone around the dinner table to say what you were thankful for in November, reflecting on all that’s good throughout the winter holidays is a common theme! Why not take this opportunity as we wish you a Merry Christmas (and the very happiest of New Years) to think through the things about your smile that you’re thankful for? It can be quite a perspective shifter that helps you feel wonderful about caring for your oral health.


Holidays: Things To Give Kids That Are Smile Safe

It’s easy to hand candy to kids to keep them occupied for a little bit. They’ll be overjoyed, they’ll spend time eating sugar, and then … well, you might feel a little guilty that you’ve handed them something that leads to cavities and additional oral health problems! Looking for something else to offer up for holiday smiles that they will be just as glad to receive? Want fun that doesn’t contain sugar? We’ve got some easy ones for you to add to the collection!


Want Whitening For 2018?

Do you want to find yourself staring back at a very white grin when you look in the mirror throughout 2018 and beyond? What’s the one thing keeping you from letting us know you think you’d like teeth whitening for the New Year? Or, are there multiple things that are causing you to feel a little too uncertain about ringing us up? Let’s cover some very common reasons for concern, so you wave goodbye to them (along with 2017), as you welcome in a new year and a new you!