Care You Provide Your Smile Can Benefit Your General Health

Think about why you brush and floss your teeth. Your immediate goals can include protecting yourself against tooth decay and preserving the appearance of your smile. These efforts also help you prevent problems with gingivitis, which can lead to more severe gum disease. While these goals are certainly important, you should know that your efforts to protect your teeth can benefit your general health! Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can provide guidance for patients who want to make sure they have good oral care practices in place. We provide that support in addition to offering routine oral health evaluations, and offering treatment when problems have negatively impacted your dental well-being. (more…)

What Should You Do If You Think You Have A Cavity?

Tooth decay can form gradually over time. Tooth enamel is a remarkably strong material, which makes preventive dental care easier. With that said, bacteria can gradually erode this material by releasing damaging acids – eventually, the damage to your tooth can demand restorative dental work. When this occurs, what can you do to protect your tooth and smile? Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is prepared to take care of issues connected to decay. We have experience treating cavities that have formed recently, but we can also help with a person arrives needing work done for a more serious issue with decay.

How Restorations Help Chipped, Cracked, And Broken Teeth

Once a tooth is chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged, there will be permanent damage until the matter is addressed through restorative dental treatment. Unfortunately, this can be more than just a problem with your appearance – if your tooth is broken in any way, it may affect your ability to comfortably bite and chew, which can lead to a buildup of stress on your jaw joints and muscles. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is ready to help patients restore teeth that are physically damaged. If the problem calls for more than cosmetic dental treatment, we can recommend placing a custom dental crown. The crown allows you to bite and chew with your injured tooth, and it can restore your appearance and help you regain confidence in your smile.  (more…)

Managing Tooth Pain And General Dental Discomfort

Tooth pain can be hard to ignore, and it can be difficult to avoid. While biting and chewing can certainly make tooth pain worse, you may experience some degree of discomfort throughout the day no matter what you do. You may not find relief from discomfort until you have your Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office take a look at the issue. For a problem with an aching or sensitive tooth, restorative dental work can be required. If the problem is with general soreness or stiffness around your face and jaw, a change in your nightly habits, diet, or sleep position can potentially help. These adjustments can help reduce a person’s tendency to grind their teeth, a source of pain for many people.

Can Poor Sleep Habits Lead To Oral Health Problems?

If you have trouble sleeping at night, your energy levels the next day can be depleted, you can have a difficult time focusing, and your mood can be negatively affected. For some people, the changes brought on by a lack of sleep can lead to problems for their general health, and may affect their ability to maintain healthy teeth. This can be related to a lack of focus on brushing and flossing, or it could occur due to changes in your diet. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can help patients stay on track with good oral health through regular dental examinations. As part of our commitment to support patient health, we can encourage better behaviors that lead to long-term protection against cavities and gum disease. (more…)

Symptoms Of Poor Oral Health You Can And Should Watch For

At a routine dental examination, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can recognize any issues that might call for restorative dental work, or determine if you might benefit from a special periodontal cleaning. What you should know is that you can recognize certain signs of poor oral health when you are at home, too! While your daily checks are not an effective substitute for preventive dental care, watching for problems can offer important benefits. Knowing that something might be wrong can encourage you to practice better oral care at home, or it can alert you to the need to reach out to your dentist to schedule treatment for something that can worsen over time. (more…)

Understanding A Root Canal Treatment’s Role In Dental Care

A root canal procedure is something patients often (and understandably) hope to avoid. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist helps individuals with this by providing thorough dental examinations, which can lead to the discovery and treatment of tooth decay before it is necessary. Your role in avoiding this procedure involves taking care of your smile to ensure that no problems with your oral health develop and require restorative treatment. With that said, the root canal procedure offers several important benefits, and it can address potentially serious problems with your dental health that may have developed. Used to address internal issues with a tooth, the treatment can put a stop to ongoing pain, stop the spread of an infection, and even save an injured tooth!  (more…)

3 Common Obstacles To Consistent Oral Health Habits

When you think about the harm that tooth decay can cause, it can be hard to imagine why someone would disregard the importance of good oral hygiene. If nothing is done in time, a cavity can worsen until your tooth becomes infected, and you require root canal treatment to return it to good health. The problem can even grow so serious that your tooth is lost! Maintaining good oral health habits is important, but certain issues can sometimes make doing so difficult. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can help patients protect their smiles through consistent dental examinations, and through encouragement to help them practice better behaviors between appointments. (more…)

These Tips Can Help You Keep Your Dental Restoration Safe

Dental fillings and dental crowns are designed to offer many years of support for a vulnerable tooth. Used to restore teeth that have been harmed by decay or physical trauma, both are able to protect you from potential problems with a tooth that has undergone treatment. This support can be counted on even as you rely on your affected tooth for biting and chewing support. With that said, fillings and crowns can be damaged, just as your healthy teeth can experience damage. Smart behaviors and good oral health care can help you avoid a situation where you need a dental filling or crown replaced. If something does happen to your restoration, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can provide a replacement and check on the health of your tooth. (more…)

Can Aging Impact Your Ability To Prevent Cavities?

Aging is something that none of us can avoid. With that said, the right habits and the right commitment to your health can help you slow the effects that it can have on your body. When it comes to protecting your smile from problems like tooth decay, there are some effects of aging that may concern you. For example, if you begin taking a medication that causes dry mouth, your natural resistance to cavities can be affected. Fortunately, the right support from your dentist and the right behaviors at home can help you keep your smile in good health for many years. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can talk to patients who are worried that their age is starting to interfere with their oral health. (more…)