These Behaviors Can Help You Maintain Your Healthy Smile

What kind of smile care routine do you really need to put in place to protect yourself from potential harm? Are you as safe from tooth decay and gum disease as you hope to be, or is it time to think about making constructive changes to your daily behaviors? At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we are ready to talk with our patients about good oral health habits. We can offer guidance to help you protect yourself against tartar buildup, cavities, and periodontal problems over time. During your regular dental health checkups, we can also provide important support through professional dental cleanings and evaluations. (more…)

Arranging Restorative Dental Work In Virginia Beach

Restorative dentistry provided at our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can do more than just protect you against an active oral health threat. At our practice, we take care to provide dedicated care while also making an effort to protect and preserve your appearance. To do this, we provide patients with lifelike dental fillings and dental crowns that can mimic the appearance of your healthy enamel. Our dental office is ready to take on trouble with tooth decay, and we are ready to help you if you experience complications like infections or tooth loss. (more…)

Your Virginia Beach Dentist Can Treat Your Broken Tooth

If you break a tooth, the immediate discomfort can be understandably upsetting. If the broken tooth happens to be one that is visible when you smile, this can be an especially troubling development because you may worry about your appearance as well as your dental health. Problems associated with dental trauma can be addressed at our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office. After an initial evaluation of the tooth, we can recommend a long-term solution for your problem. This may call for restorative dental work, but there are cases where cosmetic dentistry can be counted on to treat a problem tooth. (more…)

Have A Ball At The Red Hot Valentine’s Day Ball

Whether you have a romantic date planned for Valentine’s Day or are planning on spending some time with yourself, this weekend holds a fun event for any couples or singles: The 2020 Red Hot Valentine’s Day Ball! While you’re getting ready for a fancy, fun-filled evening, don’t forget to make sure your smile is ready for all of the pictures that you’ll take. Schedule an appointment with your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist to make sure that your smile will be healthy and dazzling for all of your Valentine’s Day celebrations.


Plan A Whitening Treatment With Your Virginia Beach Dentist

Should you discuss a professional whitening treatment with your dentist, or turn to one of the many whitening products available at your local grocery store or pharmacy? While store-bought whitening agents can help with stains on the surface of your teeth, it can be hard for you to achieve the results you really want this way. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can help you produce significant results from teeth whitening treatment. A single appointment can be enough to give you an impressive boost to the color of your smile. You can also choose to take home a custom whitening kit that you can use to achieve professional results from your own home. (more…)

Use Clear Braces To Make Your Smile More Symmetrical

There are several issues that can make a person feel less confident in their smile. For some individuals, the color of their teeth are an active concern. Others feel embarrassed because of dental damage that is easy for others to observe. In many cases, the problem is linked to poor symmetry, which is often caused by poor dental alignment. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can help with this by providing you with Invisalign treatment. You can use Invisalign to straighten teeth, fix gaps and overlaps, and generally make your smile more symmetrical. These appliances are easy to remove, and they make orthodontic improvements accessible without requiring conspicuous metal braces. (more…)

Arranging Treatment For TMJ Problems And Headaches

If you are not able to bite, speak, or chew without some discomfort or stiffness, it may be time to discuss TMJ disorder with your dentist. When problems affect the health or alignment of your jaw, it can lead to problems with pain and limited movement that seriously intrude on your quality of life. You should know that the problem can create additional issues for your face and neck, and it can even be responsible for frequent headaches. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist is prepared to help you take care of problems by restoring the health and alignment of your jaw. We can also use TruDenta treatment to help you make sure issues with headaches are properly addressed. (more…)

Your Virginia Beach Dentist Can See You On A Saturday!

If each week seems to be even busier than the one before, it can be hard to find space in your schedule for dental care. Unfortunately, a lack of access to routine dental checkups can make it harder for you to protect yourself against common concerns like tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. Over time, this can leave you vulnerable to problems that demand treatment, and it can make you less comfortable with the way you look. Your Virginia Beach dentist can make access to dental care easier, as our practice offers appointments on Saturdays! With these convenient office hours, we can help busy people make sure their teeth and gums are in good health. (more…)

Make Magic At An Acrylic Pour Workshop

If you want to make a piece of art that you can be proud of for years to come, while learning some fun techniques and tricks for creating fluid art, you’ll want to read on! If you want to make your smile something that you can be proud of in the years to come, check out the cosmetic and restorative dental procedures offered at Absolute Dental Care. We think your smile should be a work of art, and we offer the solutions for the smile of your dreams.


Routine Visits To The Dentist Help You Fight Tartar Buildup

How often do you find yourself in the dentist’s chair for routine oral health care? If you are someone who only makes an appearance at the dentist’s office when they feel something is wrong, you can run into several difficulties. One is that you can let a cavity continue to grow until it is no longer possible to restore it with a dental filling. Another common problem concerns tartar accumulation. While tartar buildup does not require restorative dental work, it does make you more vulnerable to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. As part of our commitment to preserving the health of your smile, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office provides a dedicated dental cleaning as part of every routine exam. (more…)