How to Know if You Have Sleep Apnea

how to know if you have sleep apneaPatients who suffer from sleep apnea, which is marked by excessively loud snoring, don’t always realize that they have a sleep disorder. Despite the noise of snoring and the repeated interruptions to your sleep cycle, sleep apnea doesn’t usually cause you to rouse from consciousness. Because of this, patients may go years before the effects of sleep apnea manifest in their daily lives enough to make them question their sleep. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait years to find out if you’re losing sleep to sleep apnea. By understanding the condition, you can be aware of the common warning  signs that could indicate the disorder’s presence. (more…)

3 Ways a Toothache Could Mean Trouble

3 ways a toothache could mean troubleIf it’s only a minor nuisance, then your toothache might not actually seem too troublesome. In fact, you might be able to just ignore it until it goes away. The problem, however, is that even if your tooth is only slightly sensitive, chances are that it’s only going to get more severe if you ignore it. There are several reasons for teeth to ache, but in many cases, a toothache is a sign that you should see your dentist as soon as possible. (more…)

2 Ways to Prevent Tooth Loss

2 ways to prevent tooth lossIf you haven’t lost any permanent teeth, then you might wonder how long it will be before you do. Or, you might be convinced that you’re the exception to the rule, and will never lose your teeth except in extreme circumstances. The truth is that adult tooth loss is typically highly preventable, but it can occur for a variety of reasons, and prevention isn’t always successful. Fortunately, there are several ways you can help yourself prevent tooth loss, mainly by paying attention to your dental health and visiting your dentist regularly, without fail. (more…)

Does Bad Breath Mean You Need Dental Treatment?

does bad breath mean you need dental treatmentYour smile is important part of your body, and when something is amiss, it will usually find a way to tell you. For instance, if a tooth is at risk of forming a cavity, or already has one, then it will hurt to warn you that it needs your attention. If your gums bleed, then they’re telling you that you have gingivitis, and need to seek treatment as soon as possible to stop it from becoming gum disease. Sometimes, chronic bad breath can also be a warning of dental health trouble, especially if it persists even after repeated attempts to cure it. (more…)

Would Your Dentures Work Better with Dental Implants?

would your dentures work better with dental implantsIf you’ve worn dentures for a while, you’ve probably grown accustomed to them by now. You may have even become comfortable with the routine need for readjustments or replacements as your dentures gradually lose their grip. For many patients who rely on dentures, however, the relatively high maintenance required to keep them in good shape is an inconvenience they’d prefer to do without. By securing your dentures to a series of strategically-placed dental implants, you can eliminate the major causes behind denture slippage, and enjoy a better, sturdier, more lifelike set of replacement teeth. (more…)

Does Tooth Extraction Hurt?

does tooth extraction hurtThere are only a few instances in which extracting a tooth is better than trying to restore and save it. Wisdom teeth, for instance, cannot be saved once they become impacted (and as our third set of molars, saving them isn’t vital to maintaining your bite’s proper function). In other cases, extreme damage or infection might also compromise a tooth so much that it becomes a liability to your oral health and needs to be removed. The good news is that tooth extraction doesn’t typically hurt; in fact, the procedure often alleviates the pain associated with a seriously compromised tooth. (more…)

Questions Everyone Has About Root Canal Therapy

questions everyone has about root canal therapyThe more you know about your dental treatment, the more it makes sense. Root canal therapy, for instance, is commonly mistaken for a much more invasive procedure than it actually is. Therefore, many people avoid the treatment to the detriment of their oral health. The truth, though, is that root canal therapy isn’t just necessary, it’s also much more conservative than you might believe, and can save you from needing more extensive smile restoration later.   (more…)

How Invisalign® Clear Braces Work

How Invisalign® Clear Braces WorkWhen your teeth aren’t as straight as they should be, the impact on your smile’s appearance can be significant. Enough so that it can negatively impact your confidence and self-esteem. Straightening crooked teeth can alleviate that, but the metal braces that are often required to do so can sometimes seem as equally unappealing as crooked teeth. The good news is that Invisalign® clear braces work to straighten your smile as effectively as traditional braces, but without brackets and wires. Also, with significantly more comfort, convenience, and discretion. (more…)

Learn More About Tooth-Colored Fillings

learn more about tooth colored fillingsIf you’ve ever treated a cavity with a metal filling, then you might be reminded of it every time you look into the mirror to brush and floss your teeth. You might also remind others when you speak and smile, if the filled tooth is noticeable. For patients who prefer a more discreet solution to cavity treatment, tooth-colored fillings have proven a more attractive and highly effective alternative to metal. (more…)

3 Things Veneers Can Address at Once

3 things veneers can address at onceImproving your smile should be a careful, precise process, but there is still a significant need to minimize treatment, and not just to save time from your schedule. The less dental work your teeth endure, the better. With porcelain veneers, you can address several concerns at once and reduce your smile makeover to a single procedure. The wafer-thin shells are custom-designed the specifications of your teeth. Then, your dentist can bond the veneers to your teeth’s front surfaces, creating a new smile almost instantly. (more…)