Frequently Asked Root Canal Questions

As you might imagine, one of the treatments we receive the most amount of questions about is the root canal treatment. These can vary from anything including whether a patient might ever need this restorative treatment to what’s going to happen after treatment is complete. First, we encourage you to take very seriously our promise that we will be happy to answer your questions! Please ask them, so you can feel confident about your dental care. To get a jump start on this topic for now, however, take a look at our FAQs.

Root Canal FAQs

Question: If my tooth hurts very badly or I think it’s cracked, will I definitely need a root canal treatment?

Answer: Not necessarily. A painful tooth can mean many things and, as a result, require one of multiple possible solutions. In addition, the severity of a potential crack will also determine the required treatment (which can vary, as well).

Question: Once the root canal treatment is finished and I go home, what can I expect? Is recovery going to take a very long time?

Answer: We will give you instructions regarding eating and caring for your smile. The good news is that it’s really only going to take about two to three days before everything feels normal again! It’s a quick recovery.

Question: Am I going to lose my tooth eventually if you’ve given me a root canal treatment?

Answer: Nope! Your tooth, which likely has a dental crown on it now, is healthy again. When you continue caring for that tooth and the surrounding tissues with preventive care, you maintain it so it may last the rest of your life.

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