Root Canal Treatment

Severe Tooth Decay and Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the process of eliminating internal infection and removing the infected tissues and tooth structure to save a severely decayed tooth. The procedure can usually be completed in a single visit, and will not only alleviate the pain associated with internal decay, but also save the tooth from having to be extracted. Dental fillings can effectively treat most cases of mild to moderate tooth decay, but in more severe cases, a filling may not be enough. When tooth decay spreads through your tooth, it can eventually reach the inner pulp chamber and live tissues. From there, the infection can travel through the adjoining root canals that extend under your gums and into your jawbone. If root canal treatment is not enough to save the tooth, then it may need to be extracted to prevent decay from spreading.

During Your Visit

Typically, Dr. Folck or our associates only recommend root canal treatment if a tooth filling won’t suffice, or if a tooth is fractured and its pulp tissues are exposed. A thorough examination will help determine if the procedure is necessary. Before your root canal treatment begins, we will administer local anesthesia to alleviate discomfort in and around the infected tooth. Then, we will carefully clean the tooth’s cavity, including the pulp chamber and the root canal. After removing the infected tissues and sealing the hollowed root canals, we will place a dental filling to restore the rest of the tooth. If necessary, we may also recommend placing a lifelike dental crown over the tooth for additional protection.

Preserve Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment

In many cases, root canal treatment may be the only way to remove the painful, severe infection inside of a tooth. To find out if root canal treatment is necessary, schedule an appointment by calling Absolute Dental Care today at (757) 428-7440. Located in Virginia Beach, VA, we also proudly welcome patients of all ages from Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.

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