3 Tips To Help You Avoid Physical Tooth Injuries

Cavities are a persistent threat, and one that you should take seriously. Of course, the unpleasant truth is that decay is just one potential problem for our teeth. It is also possible for a physical injury to change your smile and oral health in unwelcome ways. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is prepared to restore a tooth that is chipped, cracked, or damaged in another way. Of course, we certainly hope this is never something we have to do for you! If you want to make yourself less vulnerable to potential problems, make sure you are not putting your smile at needless risk.  (more…)

Should I Be Concerned Over A Sensitive Tooth?

Trying to eat or drink can become frustrating when you have a problem with dental sensitivity. If you have a tooth that has become shockingly sensitive to hot or cold items, or one that reacts poorly when exposed to sugary foods, how concerned should you be? Is the matter a sign that something is seriously wrong with your dental health? There are several issues that can lead to this problem, some of which can call for the placement of a dental restoration. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can examine the tooth and let you know care your issue might call for. If the problem is making your life difficult, it may be something that calls for urgent dental treatment.  (more…)

Floss Each Day To Prevent Tartar Buildup Between Teeth

Without an effective oral hygiene routine in place, bacteria can accumulate in a person’s mouth, which can lead to a buildup of unwelcome plaque and tartar deposits. Is your current routine effectively fighting oral bacteria, or are you more vulnerable to this threat than you realize? As part of your commitment to your smile, make sure you floss on a daily basis. By doing so, you can more effectively fight bacteria that might cause gum disease, or do damage to your teeth that will require restorative dental work. If you have questions about proper preventive care, or if you have any other concerns about the condition of your teeth, make sure you mention them to your Virginia Beach, VA dentist at your next routine dental examination! (more…)

3 Habits That Can Be Harmful To A Person’s Smile

What have you done to take care of your smile today? Keeping up with your oral hygiene routine protects you against tooth decay and gum disease, it can help you feel confident in your smile, and it can make you feel healthier and more comfortable to have a clean mouth. While it is hard to overstate the value of brushing and flossing, there are many other behaviors you can engage in on a typical day that can also impact your chances of developing an oral health problem. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is ready to provide our patients with guidance on good habits, just as we are prepared to take care of your teeth during a dental checkup! (more…)

Frequent Periods Of Dry Mouth Can Be An Oral Health Issue

One person may be more vulnerable to cavities than another, even if both individuals put the same effort into brushing and flossing their teeth. A number of factors can impact your relative risk for tooth decay. Your enamel may be naturally stronger or weaker than someone else’s, and your diet may differ in ways that affect your risk for tooth problems. You should be aware that persistent issues with dry mouth can also be a problem for you if you want to avoid restorative dental work. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is proud to help patients maintain their smile health over time through regular dental checkups, and through advice that can help them recognize their relative risk for problems. (more…)

How Can I Make Sure My Cracked Tooth Is Properly Treated?

A dental injury that leaves your tooth cracked can do more than just cause pain or interfere with your appearance. People who have experienced dental damage in the past can be understandably worried about the condition of their tooth, and their ability to bite and chew food. Will it be possible to ensure that your tooth is fully restored, and not at risk for further damage? How can you make sure that there are no unexpected issues with the tooth? Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office has experience restoring teeth that have been physically injured. In addition to restoring a cracked tooth’s appearance, we can make sure the tooth has enough support to handle the pressures of biting and chewing. We can also provide work to restore its health if your injury has led to a troubling infection. (more…)

Has Stress Started To Interfere With Your Oral Health?

Because stressful experiences can be difficult to avoid, it is important to recognize how periods of stress can affect a person’s well-being. While you may already be aware of how these challenging periods can affect your behavior, your mood, and your ability to manage tasks, you might not realize what it can do to your oral health. In periods of stress, you may find it harder to keep yourself protected against cavities and gum disease, and you can be more prone to problems with teeth grinding. By recognizing these issues and working to address them, you can more effectively maintain your dental health while under stress. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can help you recognize the impact stress might be having on your smile during regular dental examinations. (more…)

Protect Your Smile By Changing These Daily Behaviors

The decisions that you make on a daily basis contribute to your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. While you receive important oral health support at regular dental checkups, the habits you maintain between visits are also important. Many people reduce their dental health responsibilities down to the work they put into cleaning their teeth. Brushing and flossing certainly matter, but you should also be smart about your diet choices. It can also be beneficial to cut out potentially harmful habits like tobacco use. During visits with your Virginia Beach, VA dentist, you can discuss your current habits in order to learn how you can have an easier time avoiding cavities and gum disease. (more…)

How Can Soft Drinks Affect A Person’s Dental Health?

Soft drinks are a popular beverage for many people – they may be a regular feature at your dinner table, or a go-to drink when you want a little energy boost. Unfortunately, they can be less than ideal if you want to maintain a healthy smile! Your daily commitment to your oral health should involve smart dieting in addition to effective brushing and flossing. A good routine can help you control your risk for tooth decay, and avoid a situation where you need to arrange restorative dental work. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office provides important services for people in need of dental care, but remember that your dentist is also able to help you by providing consistent preventive dental services. (more…)