Check Out The Mid-Atlantic Home And Outdoor Living Show

On Saturday, February 12 and Sunday, February 13, Virginia Beach residents are encouraged to check out the Mid-Atlantic Home And Outdoor Living Show! During this two day event, there will be a number of vendors, demonstrations, educational opportunities, and more! The Coastal Virginia Building Industry Association is helping people in and around the community learn how they can beautify their living spaces and transform both the inside and outside of their homes!

Smile care, like home care, can depend on both routine maintenance and professional support. In between brushing and flossing to keep your smile as healthy as possible, remember to schedule your regular preventive dental visits. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is here to help you manage your oral health needs, and we can also meet with you if you want to learn how you can beautify your smile through cosmetic services. (more…)

Why Clear Aligners Are Custom-Made

You may not be the only person interested in orthodontic work, but your individual issues with poor smile alignment can certainly differ from others who want to straighten their teeth. The right approach to this problem is one that addresses your individual needs. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can provide welcome smile improvements with the use of customized Invisalign aligners. Before you start your adjustment, we will take detailed measurements of your teeth and oral structures so that we can provide a set of appliances that are made specifically for you. By fixing problems with your dental alignment, you can see welcome cosmetic changes, and you can also look forward to improvements to your bite function and oral health! (more…)

The Timing Of Your Cavity Treatment

Why does timing matter when it comes to a cavity treatment? Simply put, the longer you wait to do something, the more damage you can experience. Cavities keep growing if they are not treated, which can lead to worsening harm to your tooth structure and also the onset of an infection that needs to be addressed through root canal therapy. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is here to help if you have trouble with your smile. While we can take on a severe cavity that affects your smile, our regular checkups can lead to the early detection and treatment of decay before there are complications. (more…)

How Aligners Straighten Overlapping Teeth

If your teeth are too close together, they can overlap in ways that hurt your confidence in your smile. These spacing issues can create issues with your oral health as well, as they can interfere with your bite and also make it more difficult for you to fully clean your teeth. While people who have teeth that are improperly spaced can express interest in treatment, many will hope to arrange care that does not require the placement of fixed metal braces. Fortunately, our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is here to help, as we can recommend treatment with Invisalign clear aligners! (more…)

Restorative Dentistry And Your Oral Health

If you have the right oral hygiene habits, a smart diet, and regular dental exams, you can protect yourself against the onset of cavities. Unfortunately, for many people, at least one cavity will become a problem in their lifetime. This can be the case even for people who feel they are doing a good job protecting themselves against smile threats. The good news is that the right procedure can protect you against worsening damage from a cavity, and it can provide care that preserves your smile! Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is prepared to provide restorative dental work when it is required. In addition to removing damaged and decayed tissues, this service will provide a filling or crown that can imitate and protect your tooth enamel. (more…)

Enjoy Restaurant Week In Virginia Beach!

From Monday, January 17 through Sunday, January 23, a number of Virginia Beach eateries will take part in Restaurant Week! During this special event, you can visit restaurants around the area and enjoy specially prepared meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings will give you a wide array of new items to try. This is a great excuse to visit new joints, and it is also a wonderful reason to return to a favorite spot!

When it comes to what we eat and drink, too much sugar can heighten your risk for tooth decay. Fortunately, a combination of responsible dieting, good oral hygiene habits at home, and with consistent preventive dental care, can help you stay safe from problems that affect your smile. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is here to help you by providing regular dental exams and cleanings. We are also here to help when patients are interested in restorative or cosmetic treatment. (more…)

Straighter Teeth Without Metal Braces

Have your concerns about metal braces stopped you from looking into orthodontic treatment? Going without an adjustment of poorly spaced teeth can rob you of more than just a better smile. Without the right corrections, malocclusion can also hurt your bite function, leading to oral health issues and discomfort, and it can affect your oral hygiene efforts. At our Virginia Beach, VA dental practice, we can offer an alternative in the form of Invisalign clear aligners. With these appliances, you can make your desired changes while depending on appliances that are hard to see and easy to remove! (more…)

Scheduling Your Next Dental Exam

When did you last have your smile evaluated by an oral health professional? Routine dental appointments should play an important part in your approach to smile care. As important as it is for you to keep up with good habits at home, you should have regular feedback about your teeth, gums, and oral structures from your dentist. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can provide evaluations as well as thorough teeth cleanings that will help you keep your smile in good shape. If necessary, we can also point out an area of concern and talk to you about treatment options. (more…)

Discover The Positive Impact Of Invisalign

How will your smile change after you complete an adjustment with Invisalign? Like metal braces, clear aligners have the ability to fix problems with malocclusion that leave a person with an uneven smile, as well as concerns about visible overlaps and gaps. Treatment can also help you resolve oral health issues that are associated with your alignment flaws. What separates this treatment from traditional orthodontic work is its ability to fix these issues while letting you rely on an appliance that is both hard to see and easy to remove! At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we are ready to help you take on your smile alignment issues with a discreet, patient-friendly approach to treatment! (more…)

Enjoy Family Fest At The Virginia MOCA

On Sunday, January 16, you can enjoy a fun event for everyone in your household at the Virginia Museum Of Contemporary Art! The MOCA is hosting a special Family Fest event, which welcomes community members in and around Virginia Beach to experience our different exhibits and enjoy different hands-on activities. This is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of art, and a great way for your family to start enjoying 2022!

Museums can provide great education and creative inspiration for people of all ages. To find important support for your smile, make sure you visit your Virginia Beach, VA dentist! During regular dental exams and cleanings, we can provide welcome protection for your teeth and gums. We can also look out for any problems that you might have with your oral health, which we can address through the appropriate services. (more…)