Celebrate Fall At The Hunt Club Harvest Fest!

On Saturday, September 25, Virginia Beach, VA residents can check out the Harvest Fest event at Hunt Club Farm! During this special celebration, there will be a number of fun games and activities for area families to take part in. If you visit, you can check out the special Petting Farm and Birdwalk Aviary, explore the city’s largest pumpkin patch, or take your family out on the TreeWalk Adventure! This is a great way to celebrate the approaching fall season, and a fun way to enjoy the weekend with your family.

As fall approaches and we near the end of 2021, there are certain matters you should have taken care of. To stay consistent with your regular dental exams, you should have seen your Virginia Beach, VA dentist at least once. These visits help you avoid issues like tooth decay and gum disease, as well as any other problems that can affect your oral health. (more…)

How Cosmetic Dentistry Changes Smiles

Your smile has a major influence on your overall appearance, which can make dental flaws feel conspicuous. Problems with the shape, size, color, or condition of your teeth can make you self-conscious. Fortunately, these are issues that your Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can address through cosmetic dentistry. Just one treatment can take care of many different problems at one time, which can lead to exciting results in a short time. We can even help you take on problems with poor dental alignment through the use of personalized clear aligners that make treatment with metal braces unnecessary. (more…)

Close Your Smile Gap With Invisalign

Extra space between your teeth can make you less than confident in your smile. While many people would like to do something about a visible gap, they may hesitate because they assume the only treatment option involves bracket-and-wire braces that will be difficult to adjust to. What you can learn is that you can qualify for Invisalign treatment, which will make the process of straightening your teeth easier! At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can provide a series of custom-made clear aligners that help you straighten teeth that are uneven. By correcting issues with your smile alignment, you can also take care of potential oral health issues linked to malocclusion. (more…)

Teeth Whitening Treatment In Virginia Beach

Our dental office is ready to help people in and around the Virginia Beach, VA area who want to show off whiter teeth. Many people will only look to their dentist for help after they find that a store bought treatment to brighten their enamel can only provide limited improvements. Through professional cosmetic work, we can make your smile notably whiter. We can do this by providing services that use stronger bleaching agents than you can find on store shelves, or through another cosmetic treatment approach. Access to other treatment options is particularly important when you need to find a solution for intrinsic discoloration. (more…)

Am I A Good Invisalign Candidate?

You have problems with the way your smile looks crooked or uneven due to poor alignment, but you would like to avoid traditional metal braces. Should you look into Invisalign treatment? How likely are you to be found a good candidate for these appliances? At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, patients can learn about the advantages to Invisalign treatment. With these clear aligners, we can steadily move your teeth into more attractive positions, which can lead to more confidence in your smile and positive changes to your oral health. (more…)

Enjoy The Cupcake Par Tee Event Oct 10!

On Sunday, October 10, the Virginia Cupcake Festival is hosting its first ever Cupcake Par Tee event at Top Golf! During this event, families are encouraged to come out and enjoy games, special planned activities, and of course, plenty of tasty treats. Through this event, the organization will raise money for Children’s Hospital Of The King’s Daughters. This is a great chance to raise funds for a good cause, enjoy some cupcakes, and take advantage of the fun to be had through Top Golf.

While it can be hard to pass up the occasional treat, remember to be careful about how many sweets you eat, and how often. If you do not practice moderation, you are more likely to need restorative dental work due to cavity trouble. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is here to help if this happens, but remember that we are also here to help you prevent problems by providing ongoing support. (more…)

Recognizing And Addressing TMJ Pain

While it may be natural to worry about your ability to follow a new recipe, or whether a recently opened restaurant will have tasty dishes, you should have to worry that your persistent issues with jaw pain will ruin your next meal. If this discomfort is a regular part of your day, it can be a warning sign that you are struggling with TMJ disorder. There are several reasons why people start to deal with this issue. If left untreated, can affect your bite movement while also causing more pain and sensitivity, an increase in headaches, and teeth grinding. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is here to help if this is a problem that affects you. (more…)

Oral Health Benefits From Invisalign

When someone asks about Invisalign treatment, are they only looking into cosmetic treatment, or is there something more that corrective work can do for them? You should know that in addition to improving your smile, treatment with clear aligners can have oral health benefits. Fixing problems with overlapping teeth can make your oral hygiene routine more effective, while straightening your smile can also help you improve your bite function. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we are happy to meet with patients who want to do something about malocclusion for their oral health and appearance. Because we offer treatment with Invisalign, we can make positive changes with appliances that are difficult to see and easy for you to remove! (more…)

Accessing Dental Services On A Saturday

Your typical weekday may offer little flexibility, which can make it tough to schedule certain activities. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can make it easier for you to access our services, as we offer office hours on Saturdays! Because we do this, we have the ability to provide care to those who would otherwise feel as though they had to postpone services. If you are due for your next exam, your access to timely care can make it easier for you to stay safe against oral health threats like tooth decay and gum disease. Weekend hours also make it easier for you to see someone on short notice when a problem has you concerned about the health of your smile. (more…)

Enjoy The Virginia Beach Neptune Festival!

From Friday, September 24 through Sunday, September 26, area residents and visitors can enjoy the different events planned for the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival! For three days, the Virginia Beach boardwalk will host formal events that give attendees of all ages plenty to enjoy. This is a family-friendly celebration that offers both nationally recognized and locally centered events, with proceeds that go toward supporting our community.

Annual events can be a great way to celebrate your local culture and spend time with your family. Of course, there is also a semiannual event that is important for both your health and appearance—your regular dental exams! At your routine appointments, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist helps you protect your smile against the onset of harmful dental problems, and your hygienist tends to any unhealthy tartar buildup. (more…)