Can Stress Management Help You Deal With Bruxism?

If you keep waking up with sore or sensitive teeth, or if you notice that your teeth are appearing worn or misshapen, know that bruxism could be the cause of your troubles. Bruxism refers to a problem with habitual teeth grinding, a behavior that often occurs while its sufferers are asleep. What can you do to cut out a teeth grinding when you are not awake to relax your jaw? This problem can be linked to different issues, including poorly managed stress. Taking steps to cut down on your stress levels can benefit your general and oral health. With that said, this may not be enough to fully resolve your troubles. Fortunately, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can provide a custom appliance that keeps your teeth apart while you are asleep! (more…)

How Root Canal Treatments Stop Problems With Tooth Pain

If tooth pain starts to concern you, be aware that the problem can continue to worsen until you arrange the appropriate restorative dental treatment. In fact, the cause of your discomfort can eventually lead to problems so serious that the only treatment left is to extract the tooth! Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office has experience caring for patients who have started to struggle with tooth pain. Through root canal treatment, we are able to address internal problems that cause discomfort and sensitivity. Once this work is done, we can follow your treatment with the placement of a permanent dental crown.  (more…)

Aggressive Brushing Can Weaken Dental Enamel Over Time

If you want to make absolutely certain your teeth are clean, and that your mouth is free of harmful bacteria, should may assume that aggressive, vigorous brushing will benefit you. What you can find instead is that your forceful brushing actually starts to undermine your efforts by wearing down your enamel! This insistence on aggressive brushing can lead to advanced erosion of your enamel, and it will not help you remove tartar deposits, which will remain in place until your next professional teeth cleaning. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we are able to help patients identify issues with their approach to preventive care so that they can make positive changes. We are also here to help you avoid troubles by offering cleanings and routine dental exams, as well as treatment for any oral health issues that arise. (more…)

The Potential Impact Of Coffee On Your Dental Health

While coffee can be both a treat and an aid for accomplishing tasks, it may create problems for your smile if you enjoy it too often. Because people enjoy coffee in a variety of ways, the risk your favorite brew poses may differ from someone else’s. Generally speaking, someone whose drinks tend to be packed with sugar will have more to worry about when it comes to cavities. With that said, even coffee without added sugar can be trouble for you due to its acidity levels, and because drinking it can lead to dry mouth. Of course, frequent coffee drinkers can also notice an unwelcome change in the color of their smile. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can help you stay on top of your oral health needs during your dental evaluations. While professional preventive care is important, it is also important to recognize how your different daily choices change your risk for dental problems. (more…)

Is Your Smile Healthy Enough To Start Invisalign Treatment?

thinking not sureIf your teeth appear poorly aligned, and you are old enough to start orthodontic treatment, you should be able to jump right into a smile adjustment…right? While you might be eager to address problems like gaps and overlaps between teeth, there may be other issues with your oral health that should be addressed before a correction can begin. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can talk with you about starting treatment with Invisalign, but we can also arrange any preliminary work that is required to ready you for your adjustment. Because our practice offers this orthodontic service as well as dental care, you can make sure everything is addressed with a single practice! (more…)

Will Your Smile Be Affected By Cavity Treatment?

If you have a cavity, a trip to the dentist’s office will have to occur if you want the problem properly addressed. Until the appropriate restorative dental treatment occurs, decay will continue to spread and do permanent harm to your tooth structure. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we can restore a tooth by both removing decay and responding to dental damage with a permanent restoration. If the cavity forms on a tooth that is visible when you speak or smile, we can discuss using a dental filling or dental crown that closely matches the look of your healthy tooth. By doing this, we can preserve its health while also avoiding unwelcome changes in your appearance! (more…)

How Teeth Cleanings Help You Prevent Gingivitis

Gingivitis is not a problem that should be taken lightly. If the issue is not resolved in time, an infection can become difficult to manage, which can lead to potential complications like tooth loss! At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, your gums will be evaluated in the course of your routine dental checkup. Signs of gingivitis can be addressed through a periodontal cleaning, which removes the bacteria present beneath your gums causing your infection. You should know that in addition to helping with active gingivitis issues, your routine visits help you maintain healthy, problem-free gums! In the course of a routine cleaning, tartar and plaque are removed before bacteria have the opportunity to create an infection. (more…)

Is Dental Sensitivity Affecting Your Meal Choices?

While it is common for people to prefer certain meals and snacks for their taste, or for their health benefits, avoiding certain products due to dental sensitivity can be a concern. Sensitivity can be traced to different problems. For some people, it becomes an issue because of an advanced cavity, while others can experience general discomfort thanks to enamel erosion or a change in their gum line. When any dental issue affects your quality of life, you should bring it up with your dentist. During an evaluation at our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, you can find out why you have struggled with sensitive teeth, and learn what can be done to put the problem behind you! (more…)

How Worried Should You Be About Enamel Erosion?

Is enamel erosion a growing concern for you? If so, what can you do to protect your smile and oral health? Some degree of wear and tear on your teeth can be inevitable – after all, they do experience consistent pressure from biting and chewing food. That can be of little comfort to those who are starting to see changes in the color of their teeth, or those who believe their teeth are losing their shape. Our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients protect their teeth over the years. Through consistent care, you can maintain strong and healthy enamel that can resist the effects of wear and tear. We can also help you avoid problems by identifying signs of teeth grinding, which can lead to trouble over time when not addressed. (more…)

Relying On A Dental Crown To Restore A Misshapen Tooth

The shape of your teeth can affect your bite function as well as your appearance. If you have one tooth that appears to be out of place because of its shape, or due to its poor size, it can become a frequent source of concern for you. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, patients who worry about misshapen teeth can come to us to discuss the benefits of restorative dental work. The right custom appliance can make the tooth a better cosmetic fit for your smile, and it can improve your ability to bite, chew, and speak! We can talk with you about restoring damaged or naturally misshapen teeth with dental crowns. If you worry about the impact a crown will have on the way you look, you should know that lifelike materials can closely match the appearance of healthy enamel. (more…)