Placing Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

virginia beach dental fillingsWhen a cavity forms in a smile, regardless of age, then treatment is crucial for treating the decay and avoiding worsening symptoms or even the potential loss of your tooth. Our team can help treat the issue with a non-metal and biocompatible material. In today’s blog, your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist talks about how we place our tooth-colored dental fillings.

The Importance of Treating a Cavity

A cavity can form when factors compromise the outer enamel, the protective layer that safeguards the sensitive inner structure of your tooth. When a tooth is cracked, chipped, or portions of structure are worn down by bruxism, this allows bacteria to reach the sensitive structure to form a cavity. The more common cause is actually weakened enamel due to poor oral hygiene, like improper brushing and flossing and/or a diet high in sugar, which creates plaque buildup that compromises the outer enamel. Without treatment, the decay will grow in severity with time until the tooth becomes infected, a factor that causes worsening pain and a greater risk of tooth loss. But with a filling, we can offer treatment in only one visit!

The Composite Resin Material

While metal is an effective means of treating tooth decay, there are some drawbacks. It may not be the best option for young children, the elderly, pregnant women, or those with metal allergies, and they can change shape with time to increase the risk of further decay. But with composite resin, we have a metal-free and biocompatible option that can last for years to come. Even better, the material can be shaded to blend with your smile seamlessly, so you have a more attractive form of cavity treatment.

Placing Your Lifelike Filling

The placement process only takes one visit to complete. We start by numbing the tooth so you’re comfortable as we remove the decay and possibly etch the surfaces too. We then prepare and place the composite resin in multiple layers, and will sculpt and mold the tooth as the composite resin is cured beneath a light. The last step is to polish the tooth, a process that makes it brighter and more attractive. In only one sitting, we can stop decay and safeguard your smile’s health, beauty, and stability. If you have any questions about how we diagnose and treat cavities, then contact our team today. If you have a toothache, then reach out right away for a diagnosis, you may need a filling!

Talk to Our Team About Restorative Dentistry

We want to help you enjoy good oral health and avoid the risk of infection or tooth loss. If you have any questions about our natural-looking dental restoration, then give us a call at Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at (757) 428-7440 to schedule an appointment.