Invisalign® Provides Reliable Orthodontic Care

Invisalign® Provides virginia beach va Have you been left behind by your direct-to-consumer orthodontic company? Recently, one of the most popular options on the market vanished overnight, leaving many to scramble to find a way to continue their path toward a straighter smile. If this sounds like you, take some time to talk to your dentist about your next steps.  Invisalign® could be the answer you are looking for, so ask about the benefits of a trusted and reliable orthodontic treatment.

At our office, your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist is here to help you find your way back to a positive orthodontic path. For both cosmetic and oral health-related needs, bettering your alignment can be a positive move, so if you have lost your treatment due to your direct-to-consumer company going out of business, talk to our team to learn about your options. Invisalign® is a great way to shift your teeth into a healthy location, helping you to keep your smile clean with your routine brushing and flossing, and the cosmetic advantages are not just an afterthought. To find out more about clear aligner treatment from Invisalign®, schedule an appointment with Dr. Folck!

Orthodontic Treatment Helps You To Look Your Best

When your smile is out of alignment, it can really affect your daily life. After all, you depend on your teeth during every first impression that you make, from important job interviews to first dates. If your smile just does not look as good as it could, you could be holding yourself back during these important times.

But it is crucial to remember that your oral health also depends on having appropriate spacing between your teeth. When they start to crowd and overlap, they create areas where your regular brushing and flossing simply is not enough. In these places, plaque and tartar can start to build up, leaving you at risk of developing cavities and periodontal disease.

Discover A Clear Solution For Your Alignment

If you have been holding off on treatment for your orthodontic needs, it might be because of the intrusion of traditional braces. At our office, we understand this, and that is why we offer a clear aligner solution that can help you to improve your oral health without sharing your treatment plan with the rest of the world.

Invisalign® provides you with an option that gently and effectively shifts the location of your teeth. Simply wear your aligner trays throughout the course of the day, swapping them out as you reach closer to your smile goals.

Find Out How Invisalign® Provides Quality Orthodontics!

If you have been left behind by your direct-to-consumer orthodontic treatment provider, talk to our team about your next steps. To learn more about Invisalign® clear aligner treatment, give us a call at Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at (757) 428-7440!